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"That Sound".....

Problem is 'that sound' emanates from all over the guitar, front, back, side, neck - to disperse in the air around us...and it does that very nicely in my little music room...and a few grains of imagination could be added to make that pretty well perfect. (The room is full of a lifetime's musicalia.)

Move to my front room and the same guitar sounds very different. If I go outside, it is different again. If I play in front of my computer screen, I get the sound reflections straight off the big screen I have.

So, like most, I prefer the sound of my guitar through a decent mic - trouble is in a noisy joint where everything is louder than your guitar, the mic on the guitar through the monitors causes feedback. Bad fee-----eeee-----edback - like everybody screaming for help and to turn it off type feedback

And one of my best sounding pickups is the Fishman Rare Earth Blend with the internal mic, where I get a fantastic sound at home with about 70% mic and 30% Rare earth pickup for bottom end...but put that guitar in front of a monitor.....BREEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH Back where we were!).

So one way of getting what I use without the monitors causing feedback is for me to.......lose the stage monitors! (FOR SOLO PERFORMERS - duo, trio, band way more tricky). Turn them off. Turn off the speakers facing you and use headphones or in ear monitors from your best sound source - amp...personal mixer...acoustic gadget processor! Send the sounds out to the front and no feedback - so you can use any mic or pickup you want.... You just have to look like a DJ with headphones or a person with hearing aids with the In Ear Monitors!

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