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I got super lucky. My wife got me some Guitar lessons as a gift for Xmas last year and she picked out a fantastic teacher by luck.

But.. there are a bunch of fantastic teachers at the same place. Some things I've noticed they have in common:

- Most have been playing 30 years or more. They're either older, or they have been continuously playing since they were little kids.

- Most have a degree

- Most toured in bands and had record deals, and still record and/or play with bands

- Most of them play both acoustic and electric

- Familiar with playing both by ear and sight reading with deep knowledge of theory

- Have actually been trained on how to teach

Those are the things I'd look for. I had several piano teachers when I was taking piano lessons before I picked up guitar, both my teachers would not have been able to check off most of the list I just mentioned, and the lessons were not as good IMO.

It probably helps to be in a metro area near some colleges/universities with well known music programs.
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