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Default iRig Acoustic Stage mic pickup

After reading a post about it here & hearing/seeing the Willy Porter demo on Youtube, I bought one of these iRig Acoustic Stage mic pickups, $20 off now all over the place thru Dec 31, 2017.

While much has been written, I tried it on my Custom Shop Martin 000-18. The mic clips on the sound hole the size of a pick and you train your guitar with 4 strums up the fret board. there are 3 settings of Natural, Warm or Bright. My best result was rotating the pick to the round edge and fretting clean. Can't say enough how nice I got this to sound through my Ultrasound DS4 amp. I added my K&K xlr pre for boost/eq, but honestly didn't even need it. The amp levels were just turned up to compensate without the preamp.

For a living room it was perfect. Simple plug and play and affordable. Much has been written about gigging/delicate nature of the mic cable and plastic unit. But it is awesome for what it is and does! Home-run (for me). No drilling and gluing today!!

But don't believe me. Look at Willy's video. His Martin tone example sounded exactly like mine - only without the incredible talent LOL!
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