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I have the C9 parlor which I think differs from the C10 parlor by being mahogany back and sides vs. rosewood. I am very much a beginner guitarist. I use the C9 and follow some starting classical lessons as an alternative to finger picking a steel string guitar... while still working on LH dexterity and coordination.

the C10 sounds like the better choice for a non classical player to be honest. the parlor version at 7/8 classical is very similar in size to a steel strung parlor.
I can see the conundrum because you can't foresee the results of choosing a crossover over a parlor until you've had the guitar for a while and got used to it.
as for noticing differences... they're certainly there and noticeable but these nylon string guitars have a lovely sound of their own... I can adjust.

what to choose? given I think the C10 is probably a better fit for a steel/nylon player. I would look for a short scale 12 fret parlor (O) sized with a 1 7/8 nut steel string.
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