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Originally Posted by AxeDude View Post
I still have the Barcus-Berry pearl dots on the saddle of my '73 D35. In fact, when I had an updated UST pickup installed, the shop left about 1&1/2" of the leads which are still hanging inside. I have seen dozens of pickup systems come & go over the years. Electronics are changing at an exponentially. If you read the forums, the options- and opinions- are nearly endless.
Many of us live in remote areas where we don't have the ability to sample all of the different guitars, pickups, preamps, effects, PAs, mics etc. So we read reviews and take our chances ordering on line. Believe me it is a PITA to have to send anything back for a refund or exchange. I try my best to make informed purchases, but in the end- you pays yer money and take yer chances. Chasing tone is kind of a disease. Trying to describe sound to someone can be like describing colors to a blind person. Good luck in finding your perfect guitar, and guitar pickup.
This is generally where I am at as well. I live
Rural and the nearest store is about an hr away
And it is a gc. So it's limited in acoustic stuff.
I mostly do research here and buy online. It is
a bit of a disease.. ha.... no cure.
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