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Default Mojo needed

Well, I’ve got a problem. I was having an issue with the Element pickup sounding harsh in my Sable, reached out to McPherson and Larry has been great. After some back and forth emails, he ended up sending me a UPS return label to ship it to them so they can check it out. I packed the guitar up, printed the label and went to the UPS store down the street from my office. I didn’t have any packing tape at hand once I got to the store, so I handed the box and label to the lady at the store and left.

A week has passed and I got a call from Larry yesterday. He told me he received a box, with the label he sent me on it, of Christmas presents with a handwritten address label also on it for a lady in Louisville. So, it seems the geniuses at the UPS Store put the label addressed to “McPherson Guitars” on a box of presents with handwritten address label to a lady in Kentucky and put her label, with the same address information that is on her box, on the guitar box that has “McPherson Guitars” printed on the side of it. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night.

I’m traveling back to town from a business trip today and get to go in and try to get this resolved. Trying to keep a positive attitude, but man, some serious incompetence took place and I’ve only heard the nightmares regarding UPS Stores skirting responsibility when issues arise. Hopefully I’ll have some good news later today.

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