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Teachers like guitars and guitar strings are hit-or-miss. Of course recommendation are always a good place to start. But ultimately you need to find a guy that specializes in the kind of music you aspire to play but can provide a step-by-step pathway and strategy for you to improve. Cost and frequency come into play as well.

Not to digress, but in terms of frequency, I always found it interesting (if not appalling) that serious sports guys are expected to get coaching every day, while we musician (especially developing musician) feel that once a week is considered "frequent". Heck, a beginning skier would go to a resort and have lessons every day for a week (or more). Where did we ever come up with our concept of lesson frequency?

When you find a teacher you have to make sure his teaching skill matches his playing skill; that he will have a lesson plan for you from week to week; that the cost is such that you have adequate time in each lesson to cover what needs to be covered. I would also suggest that whomever you select you give them and opportunity to give you 3 or 4 lessons before deciding. That first lesson is only a "getting to know you" session. Lessons 2-4 will be the deciding factor. If you're not seeing it in 3 lessons, look for someone else.
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