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Good advice so far... check message boards at music stores, talk with your friends who play, paying close attention to any of them who are BETTER players than you!

I am from the era that learned as we went... back in the early 60's, there weren't videos and dvds, no Youtube instructionals... and I learned by listening - both to records and to players who knew how to do things I did not...

When I'd hear someone playing something that caught my ear, I'd make the time to find an appropriate moment to ask them if htey'd show me "how?" they did what I wanted to do... most would oblige and give me a quick lesson; then, I would go home and practise that until I had it down, then I'd go find them again!

In many ways, it was a far more regarding and valuable method of learning; it forced me to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION, it made me aware of the importance of having relationships with other musicians, and it always gave me a good dose of humility as I realized "my place" in the hierarchy of guitar players! These are things that are lacking in the "online" approach...

It's important to realize that you can (and do) learn from a multitude of sources; if you keep your eyes and ears open, you will find them along your way.

It is VERY important for you to know what direction in which you wish to go with your playing...
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