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Word of mouth is the best way to find a teacher.

The best teachers of private music lessons have great student retention rates, inviting lesson studios and sensible policies, an evolving and personalized curriculum, and they will be able to motivate and mentor.

Current and former students, parents and families, will eagerly and enthusiastically tell you about their best experiences. If a teacher has been in the business long enough, it shouldn't be too hard to find a web presence for them, and working musicians who were their students.

In my case, I do advertise a little, posters and cards in music stores, a website and Facebook page (both of which I keep relatively private, as in private lessons), brochures, swag with the business logo, and so on, but what really matters is what people say about me. It's cool to see my book bags, case stickers, and baseball caps around town, and I've also given out water bottles, travel mugs, pencils, and picks, all emblazoned with my logo. But again, none of that would have value if people didn't like me...word of mouth is first.

So, ask at shops and schools, ask teachers/coaches of other instruments/things (we do refer to each other), ask local musicians and bands where they got their instruction, talk to parents of school age kids, put out an all call on social networks, ask one teacher who taught them...etc.
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