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Default Pernambuco Mod-D for SBAIC started

The "casual" 4 hr gig turned out to have a lot of "sales presentation" in it and we only actually played 22 of the 36 tunes on the set lists. Thus we were well warmed up for our restaurant gig and played as well as we ever have. Speaking of "warmed up", it was 95 f at 6 pm when we started playing, which is ridiculous in these parts, historically. We better get used to it, I figure.

Mike has played the dread and told me I hit it out of the park. That said, I did not do as well second guessing the relationship between the carbon neck reinforcement and the medium string tension, and got the neck perfectly straight, which is not what I was after. So I have pulled the frets and resurfaced the fingerboard and re-fretted it. The slight relief seems perfect to me now, and Mike will take it with him tomorrow if he agrees. Pictures later today, most likely.

The big news IMO is that I have started the guitar I plan to feature at SBAIC late in August. I am making a Modified D, the sort of thing the Somogyi-nistas are so well known for making. Of course I do not have the benefit of being trained by Ervin, but I think I'll be okay. It will likely sound far more Sexauer than Somogyi, but I think that'll be okay too. I am using Pernambuco for the back and sides, and Adirondack spruce for the top. I will be documenting the build here, so check in regularly if you find this anywhere near as interesting as I do.
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