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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
It doesn't hurt a thing that Al has played this tune on (probably) thousands of guitars. It amounts to a nearly level playing field.

My own recordings were never intended to be state of the art recordings or playing, but rather a way to compare my guitars directly to each other within the limitations of my system.

I do hope to meet you one day.
Al could probably play any guitar and wring the best out of it, and make them sound their best by the tune he decides to play. His playing this same tune does give a good reference across guitars, just as your recordings do the same across your guitars. More than once I replayed a recording of yours because it spoke to me, part the player and part the guitar. And I am used to Al doing a wonderful job of showcasing instruments, and I have heard a few of your guitars online but it sounded like he really enjoyed playing it.

I would be honored to meet you, retirement is not looking too far off, it would not be a big surprise if I took a walkabout and I found myself on the west coast.
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