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Originally Posted by Halcyon/Tinker View Post
Had I known you were playing I'd have made my way down, The Princeton's not far from my place at all. Food is good there, and it's one of the few places in Van where a band can actually make a few bucks if they bring in enough folks...
I had only a couple of hours notice myself.

Crossing back into the USA was uneventful except that I was dropping off my daughters friend Indira at the Seattle airport and they wouldn't honor her ticket because she didn't board the Vancouver connecting flight. So we aer traveling down the coast as three. Okay with Laurelyn and I.

Spent the night in Tokeland, WA, and no, it's not like that. 2nd floor of a small hotel, the only hotel, right on the beach. Under a hundred bucks and very nice. Also, the one restaurant in town is acceptable. A very good start for our leisurely return adventure.

I expect to be back in the shop Monday the 3rd of July.
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