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Default Sexauer '17 (chapter 2)

As I write this, there is no meat in this thread. The high calorie content is in chapter 1. Since I am going to be out of the shop most of the next month, I imagine chapter 2 will remain a bit thin for a while. Here is a link to chapter 1 which will help you find it as it gets buried under the stardust of time:

Sexauer '17 (chapter 1)

Where will I be in June, you ask? Well, tomorrow my family and I am going camping for a couple of days at the mouth of the Gualala River. A few days later I head for the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival where I have spent Father's Day weekend for the last well over a ten years. This is a great pickers event, and it has a building which we call the "Luthier's Pavilion" wherein 20 of so localish Luthiers show their stuff and offer some set up and repair services while you wait. I will have my current crop of dreads along, as well as a string bass or two and a dozen likely fiddles, all the "good stuff" so as not to conflict with neighbor Steve Joines (the fiddle guy) who will have 100 so relatively inexpensive beaters for sale. Come by and say hello, Ben Wilborn, Sparky Kramer, Michael Lewis, and many other known makers are regular participants.

Then after just one day to unload the trailer and re pack the car, I head for Vancouver, BC to show my latest and greatest at luthier Meredith Caloma's Vancouver International Guitar Festival. I lived in the lower mainland area of BC for ten years, so no matter how the show turns out, I expect to have a great time, especially as my daughter Laurelyn and her BFF Indira are coming up to spend 3 days hanging out immediately following the event itself.

I should be back to work around July 3. Of course I will have my iPad with me, so I will check in.
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