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Originally Posted by Buc-a-Roo View Post
How useful do you folks find a delay for live performance on acoustic guitar? Seems like it would have its' place in some repertoires. More specifically, anyone have experience with the MXR Carbon Copy analog delay with an acoustic guitar live?

Any input appreciated..........
I have had a few delays including the Carbon Copy. The CC is a great delay and has its place, but in my opinion, Acoustic is not one of them. Its a great delay for electric and semi-hollow body guitars and it also depends on the pickups and electronics that interface with the CC.

My experience with acoustic work has lead me to the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail. I play a Taylor with the ES 1.2 system so consider that in your reading of this post. I find the Vapor Trail to be smoother, less dark than the CCopy. Also provides a little more flexibility in tonal control and modulation. I have mine set up so the only dial I ever touch is the delay time. One setting for country oriented songs and another for our rock side. I put a small dot for each setting by the dial.

Ibanez made a delay a while back called the Echo Shifter which I found sounded really good with my Taylor also however took up too much real estate on the small pedal board I use. I still have it because it sounds really good.

I have also tried a few of the Strymon delays. The only one I bonded with was the Brigadier which I still have also.

Have fun in your search for the perfect tone.

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