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Default Ibanez AC240!!! WOW!!!!

Spent my lunch hour at GC playing guitars today. I have been looking for an all mahogany OOO size guitar with 1.75" nut width and fairly thin neck. Some people here at AGF have recommended the Ibanez AC240. I have always steered clear of Ibanez guitars so I ignored this advice. Had my heart set on a Martin ooo-15 but my wife keeps reminding me that we have a daughter heading to college next year and another in private high school. In other words, no Martin for Jimmy. It's kinda funny how I make all the money in the family but the wife determines how it gets spent. Anyway, I have played several all hog small body guitars over the past 3-4 weeks but nothing came close to the Martin in overall playability and sound quality. I was about to walk out of the acoustic room at GC and I spot (hanging from the ceiling) a nice looking all mahogany guitar. Although I have been to this GC I never paid attention to the guitars hanging from the ceiling because I figure they are up there for a reason....nobody wants to play them. On a whim I ignore the "do not use ladder, ask employee for help with upper level guitars" sign and I get this guitar down. Initially I sigh and almost put it back after determining that it is the Ibanez AC240. Since I climbed up the ladder I figure I might as well play it. Upon inspection it seems well made. It is very light and I dig the satin, open pore finish. I strum a "G major" chord. WOW!! The sustain rings for days. The neck is perfect. Very comfortable. I played this thing for over 30 minutes, which made me late getting back to work. I look at the price tag, $299!! No way! I have to have it! I give the guitar to the nice lady at the counter and hand her $50 to hold it for me until I can have a conversation with the wife. Should be an easy sell since I have been talking about $1,500 guitars with her. In summary, this is a very good guitar with that distinct all mahogany sound. Very easy to play with the 1.75" nut width. Fingerpicking blues is a thing of beauty on this neck. Look for my NGD post in the next 7 days!!!
Ibanez AC240 (The Happy HOG)

More to come!!!

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