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Here's another update: I played another Farmer's Market Gig today with my Carvin AG300. Plugged in to the AC receptacle there - again not using my inverter. Outdoors, Carvin up on a speaker stand, did not use an extension cabinet this time. Temperature was ~90 F and we started out in the full sun at first. I brought along a small fan which I placed on top of my amp, blowing straight down onto the amp. Played for about 2 hours, 15 minutes without ever turning off. Plugged my mandocello into channel one and a SM58 into channel 2. All volumes set at about half way. No problems at all, no unusual noise, everything sounded fine. It is either a single one or combination of the following that may explain why I had no problems today:

1. Temperature was a little cooler (90 F vs 93 F last week)
2. Cooling fan on top of the amp
3. Did not use the extension cabinet which draws a little more power from the amp
4. Moved an umbrella to shade the amp after about an hour
5. I brought along a friend's acoustasonic as a spare if my amp flaked out

I'll keep posting on this, more for my personal log than anything else but hopefully this info is useful to someone else at some point as well. Never did hear back from Carvin on this subject - they just keep sending me ads.
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