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Originally Posted by varmonter View Post
Now that i have reread this post the capacitor issue
Seems more likely.dont capacitors charge up and
Discharge.this would explain the delay in time
It takes to hear your noise.the cap charging.
Thanks for the reply - but just how long do you think it takes a cap to charge??? I currently work as a technical trainer at a power plant and I can't let a gross conceptual error slide without attempting to correct it. I was also an electronics tech in the USN for over 8 years. Capacitors are basically used in RC (resistor-capacitor) or RL (resistor-inductor) circuits. The charge time is determined by the time constant, which depends on the value of the resistance and capacitance in the circuit. It takes five time constants for a cap to charge or discharge. In most RC circuits the time constant is in the micro to millisecond range. Holy crap for a cap to take an hour to charge up it would litterally have to be bigger than a house!!!! They just don't use caps like that in any consumer electronics.
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