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Default It's Back....

The noise came back today - outdoor gig at a Farmer's Market. Temperature was about 93 F out, with the amp (Carvin AG300) in full sun. Plugged in to the 120 VAC receptacle there at the market (not using my inverter). Played two half hour sets, turned the amp off in between sets. Near the end of the second set the noise (harsh static) came through. I turned off the amp and unplugged my tuner pedal. Turned back on, played a few minutes and the noise returned. Turned amp off, unplugged mic and mandocello, turned the channel volume knobs all the way down. Turned back on, and the noise was there whenever I turned up the master volume off of zero.

So I know the noise is not coming from a cable, mic or instrument, because it is there with nothing plugged into it. No noise or problem at all for the first set and most of the second, so I think it is temperature-related as the amp heats up. During normal play the channel volume knobs were both a little less than half way up. The master volume also a little less than half-way. Going to contact Carvin for help.

Any other Carvin users experience this problem?
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