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Hi Folks

Thanks for the quick responses!

In terms of playing style. it's pretty varied - I like to play fingerstyle a lot of the time (James Taylor type stuff etc....) but I also like to bash out the big singalong chord songs sometimes - depends if I'm on my own or in company - I also like to play a hybrid of these two styles with a pick when I'm gigging - melody lines within a bigger soundstage etc..

Really just looking for the ultimate all round guitar in my Henderson - it's not going to be a collectors item, (I'm too old for that nonsense!) - I just want to decide on the perfect all round compromise guitar for all situations, and I know there's a bit of dream chaisng in that statement. Do I go for big robust dreadnought totally out there sound, or try for a tad more finesse and control with an OM??
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