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I was gifted an Ariel guitar a couple of months ago in so-so condition. Beat up neck and missing bridge saddle. It also had steel strings and it's a classical guitar. The label says Ariel Model TG006R by Takamine: So the little that I've been able to find out is that it is of course a 1970's nylon-stringed classical guitar. The R stands for rosewood. This a rosewood version, made in Japan by the great guitar makers Matsumoto, Hattori Hanzo's brother in law. I've sanded the neck, restained it in natural to enhance the natural mahogany wood and I bought a new Graph Tech Tusq saddle. I'm going to refinish the neck in nitrocellulose in a couple of weeks. I will also be adding some nice new 18:1 gear ratio tuners. It should play very well I think.
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