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There are two main differences in the Elliott capos - push button vs. bail latch, wrap around vs. McKinney saddle. They all work fine, so it comes down to preference.

My personal preference is the McKinney-Elliott because of the simpler latch and McKinney saddle. I own (or have owned) all current variations, including an original made by Tom McKinney that I sold to a collector friend, and another older McKinney.

There's also the limited edition Tony Rice capo, which might be my favorite. It's even more expensive, but a sizable portion of the cost is donated to help cover TR's medical expenses.

IMO the Elliott capos are functionally better than anything else produced. They are finely adjustable, don't pull my strings out of tune, and allow bends on the high E and B strings without slipping. Some other capos accomplish that as well, but require much greater pressure to do it.

I've owned Paige capos, but never got along with them. They are too springy compared to the Elliott's and require too much pressure to clamp effectively. I ended up giving mine away.

My second favorite capo, which I honestly like nearly as well, is the Shubb. I actually prefer the old style with the cone tip. IMO there is no better value for the money than a Shubb. If I didn't have Elliott's, that's all I'd use.

And regarding the price of the Elliott's, they retain an amazing percentage of their value, selling used for nearly new prices. If you shop around and buy a used one, you can sell it for exactly what you paid.
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