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Originally Posted by woodbox View Post
Thank you drplayer for your informative review.

I confess to more than a passing interest in one of these new Martins.
Trying to think of a reason to have one.
You're welcome... FWIW, my reasons were:

1. - I like Martin guitars, and this is just an incredible value.

2. - I didn't have a small inexpensive enough guitar that I would feel comfortable taking on a trip, or camping, or to the beach, etc. It's all solid wood and a nice instrument, so definitely, you still need to take precautions; but, I feel much better about taking a $600 guitar vs. a $3K one.

3. - These will sell like hot-cakes, and being in manufacturing for many years, I know what happens when demand starts exceeding capacity. Short cuts are taken, which usually have an adverse affect on quality--at least in the short-term until measures are taken to accommodate the increased demand. I didn't want to wait and risk that this production facility might fall victim to this, and as a result, possibly start producing sub-par instruments for a period of time. And...

4. - These will sell like hot-cakes, which almost always equates to price increases. Nothing new or nothing wrong with's just simple supply & demand economics.
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