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Default 42 Style 12 Fret Slope D Cocobolo Custom Build! David Dart

Howdy Folks! I recently took delivery of a custom build!!! Such a FUN process! Here's the story...

Luthier is David Dart... Talk about an OG address huh, LOL... He has been building since the 60's and he builds a wide variety of stringed instruments. Check out his site for more info.

He is pretty under the radar, I first learned about him a few years back when I sold a Brazilian SCGC OM of mine to a local guy I met on Craigslist. When we were discussing my OM, he brought up that he owned a 00 from a luthier named Dart... Didn't ring a bell... Anyways, when i met him at his home, the 00 Dart was chilling on a stand in the corner. He showed it to me, and I was pretty floored... In fact, I was a hair shy to pull out my SCGC after hearing/playing his... To sum it up, Sold the Cruz, and had that Dart of his on my mind... I bugged him from time to time that I'd be interested in buying it from him. Eventually I did, and I played and loved her for a couple years.... Until, I used the 00 in partial trade back with David to build something bigger for me.. I'm 6'3... Dreads are like toys for me

Davids guitars are very appealing to me. I love that he builds so many different stringed instruments, and uses old school techniques... They have a sound that is very developed... It's very hard to believe my D12 is about a month old... It has way more character than MANY high end guitars that have been through my hands over the years...

View his blog and facebook page for more pics and details etc... So for those of you who have never heard of David Dart, check him out, for real

Some of the facts.... Sitka top, Cocobolo back and sides, boxwood binding, 42 style trim, snakewood waverly tuners, Hide glue, French Polish, Spanish Heel, 1 13/16 and 2 5/16, 12 fret slotted, and 25.4 scale...

Some quick pics.. View the links posted for more please...

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