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Default Visit to Dave's Guitars in LaCrosse Wi

My wife and I were in LaCrosse the last couple of days and stopped by Dave's guitars. All I can say is 'WOW'. Amazing stuff. At one point I grabbed a nice looking guitar off the wall and tried to strum and realized it was a lefty, then I looked up and noticed the whole section was lefties. I've never seen that many electric or acoustic left handed guitars. Usually I might see one or two.

I liked my visit so much I went back the next day. I also went upstairs to see Dave's vintage collection and counted close to 400 guitars. I asked the clerk how many guitars they carry in the shop and he said around 2500 give or take a few. Not sure how many other shops rival the sheer volume of guitars.

But the one thing that grab me was a Collings Mandolin (MT model - A style body). The thing was super light and very resonant - I could feel it vibrate against my body as I was playing it. It had what I'd call a real soft action, it took very little grip effort to play.

I kept thinking about it on my way back home, that's for sure!
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