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Default GAS got the best of me

So, I was in the local guitar shop scoping out the Les Pauls as I have always wanted one. Unfortunately, the death of my mother recently left me with a nice sum of money and I was going to get the Les Paul of my dreams. Well, none of the Pauls I tried out worked out for me. So I was kind of bummed and decided to go into the acoustic room and jam a bit. Long story short I left that shop an hour later with a new Gibson Hummingbird acoustic. The minute it hit my hands and that first F chord rang out I was hooked. It was awesome. Today my bandmate and I played together for the first time and she got to use my Taylor 414ce (which is really nice itself) and we sounded great together. Can't wait to start gigging.

Now, my question to you all. I like to play standing. I am used to my Taylor which has a strap endpin on the end of the neck. The hummingbird has no endpin. I have to tie the strap on to the headstock. With it there I have issues with the guitar sliding during playing which is hard to adjust on the fly. Question 1: would having my guitar guy install a strap pin on the neck affect the tone significantly? If so, Question 2: How do I keep the thing from sliding on my shoulder? Anyone have any secrets to share in this regard?

Thanks for listening.


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