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Default **Hand Made Music - Acoustic Guitar Compilation CD**

** Now Available! **
Hand Made Music
- The definitive handbuilt acoustic guitar CD -
Over a year ago, producer Steve Reinthal began working on building a very special compilation disc for the Acoustic Guitar Forum. Steve asked several of our luthier sponsors to select a guitar that they felt represented some of their best work, and to pair it with a player most suited to bring forth the true spirit of their instrument. The resulting CD is a treasury of great acoustic music, played on some of the finest examples of contemporary acoustic guitars from: Woolson, Kwasnycia, Kragenbrink, Paragon, Covey, Mustapick, McKnight, Aaron Andrews, Michael Palm, Baden, Hodges, Santa Cruz, Sharp, and Solomon.

Produced by Steve Reinthal

Track Listing:
1. Three Steps to Joy - Derek Coombs (Guitar: Woolson LG)
2. Lillooet - Tom Lockwood (Guitar: Kwasnycia Jumbo)
3. Shenandoah / Danny Boy - John Creech (Kragenbrink D-14)
4. The Great Migration - Edward Hamlin (Paragon MJ)
5. Squirrel Run - Bill Pilmore (Covey Quinto)
6. Ms Diana - Don Alder (Mustapick Baritone)
7. Autumnal Equinox - James Filkins (McKnight Highlander)
8. Snow Day - J.R. Rogers & Steve Reinthal (Aaron Andrews Eclipse-F & Michael Palm Fingerstyle GA)
9. Spain - Marcus Eaton (Baden A-style)
10. I Am - Don Fransko (Hodges Dreadnaught)
11. Prelude - Chris Rupert (Kwasnycia Classical)
12. Somebody Else - Matt Sarad (Santa Cruz Dreadnaught)
13. Women and Roses - James Filkins (McKnight Highlander)
14. If I Could - Tom Lockwood (Kwasnycia Jumbo)
15. Wildwood Flower - Doug Young (Sharp Custom Art Deco SJ)
16. Gamelan Meadow - Steve Reinthal (Michael Palm Fingerstyle GA)
17. Going Somewhere - Mike Moss (Erich Solomon Grand American Archtop)

** Sold-Out **

J.R. Rogers
Executive Producer
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