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Bruce Sexauer 06-04-2017 09:49 AM

Sexauer '17 (chapter 2)
As I write this, there is no meat in this thread. The high calorie content is in chapter 1. Since I am going to be out of the shop most of the next month, I imagine chapter 2 will remain a bit thin for a while. Here is a link to chapter 1 which will help you find it as it gets buried under the stardust of time:

Sexauer '17 (chapter 1)

Where will I be in June, you ask? Well, tomorrow my family and I am going camping for a couple of days at the mouth of the Gualala River. A few days later I head for the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival where I have spent Father's Day weekend for the last well over a ten years. This is a great pickers event, and it has a building which we call the "Luthier's Pavilion" wherein 20 of so localish Luthiers show their stuff and offer some set up and repair services while you wait. I will have my current crop of dreads along, as well as a string bass or two and a dozen likely fiddles, all the "good stuff" so as not to conflict with neighbor Steve Joines (the fiddle guy) who will have 100 so relatively inexpensive beaters for sale. Come by and say hello, Ben Wilborn, Sparky Kramer, Michael Lewis, and many other known makers are regular participants.

Then after just one day to unload the trailer and re pack the car, I head for Vancouver, BC to show my latest and greatest at luthier Meredith Caloma's Vancouver International Guitar Festival. I lived in the lower mainland area of BC for ten years, so no matter how the show turns out, I expect to have a great time, especially as my daughter Laurelyn and her BFF Indira are coming up to spend 3 days hanging out immediately following the event itself.

I should be back to work around July 3. Of course I will have my iPad with me, so I will check in.

printer2 06-04-2017 12:19 PM

Bruce, as long as you post the odd selfie and describe what fun you are having (and if the occasional attendee is in the background strumming one of your guitars so much the better) we might not develop serious withdrawal symptoms. Or the attendee playing your guitar with you in the background, we're not fussy.

Bruce Sexauer 06-04-2017 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by printer2 (Post 5363699)
Bruce, as long as you post the odd selfie and describe what fun you are having (and if the occasional attendee is in the background strumming one of your guitars so much the better) we might not develop serious withdrawal symptoms. Or the attendee playing your guitar with you in the background, we're not fussy.

I host my own pictures, and I have no idea how to FTP from my iPad to my site, though I have bought two different programs that are supposed to do it. Been a while since my last failure, and I am feeling pretty good, so I could probably handle another failure at this point. We'll see. Pictures might be easier than pages.

printer2 06-04-2017 07:29 PM

I have a tablet that I use when away from home, I can't do much more than passive viewing on it. It is a beast I haven't tried to figure out yet.

Authentic 06-04-2017 08:32 PM

This looks nice, is it for a client or a personal project?

jmat 06-05-2017 08:53 AM

In "Chapter 1" Bruce said: "Rode my bicycle today for the first time in nearly a month. Very pleasant! Slow ... The P 000 came out as expected. It is delivered and the owner has expressed pleasure"

Related to Bruce, I did a few things this weekend:

1. I took a couple of bike rides. One with my daughter to get a hot chocolate and then play basketball and another where I rode my bike to see my son play bass in a Pink Floyd cover band

2. Also, I played this P 000! I am very happy with the way it came out and look forward to learning more about the guitar. It is very balanced, loud, has clarity, resonance and a certain elegant tone. Ergonomics are very important to me and the neck shape is perfect and the body wedge is welcome. This is my first multi-scale and I believe it works. I get the sense the guitar is still adjusting to the Virginia climate and I will give it a few weeks before I seek to tweak it. I will try to post about the guitar further. I am very pleased.

Bruce Sexauer 06-05-2017 09:34 AM

The ukulele is a commissioned piece. I have other Ukes which are available.

Bruce Sexauer 06-08-2017 07:08 PM

Gualala Regional Park
Great 3 days in the woods with the family and friends. Not a state park after all, but a county park, and all the better for it. MUCH less gentrified, that is to say more rustic, and yet flush toilets and hot running water in the bathrooms.

Who knew my dog Koal can swim like a fish. On close inspection he turns out to have webbed toes!

clinchriver 06-09-2017 04:07 AM

Looks like fun. Are those Redwoods in the campground?

Bruce Sexauer 06-09-2017 09:36 AM

We camped in a second growth redwood forest mixed with a few bay laurels. The redwoods were relatively small, few being over 4' in diameter.

redir 06-09-2017 02:13 PM

I bet you were looking at all those trees and thinking... Hmmmmmm :D

Bruce Sexauer 06-12-2017 04:40 PM

For those of you who are interested in the Dream series JB-15 BRW/Italian i just finished, I have today shipped it off to North Carolina. It ought to be there on Thursday and perhaps they'll be able to show it off shortly thereafter.

Steve Kinnaird 06-12-2017 09:16 PM

Sweet little Uke, Bruce. I like the infinity symbol in that back.


iim7V7IM7 06-17-2017 06:41 PM

Bruce's Booth at the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival:

iim7V7IM7 06-20-2017 07:42 PM

This is a group shot of all but one of the Luthiers who participated in the "Luthiers Pavilion" at the 2017 Fathers Day Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival presented by the California Bluegrass Association.— with Ben Wilborn, Steve sorensen, Austin Clark, Larry, Gary Vessel not shown, Doc, Monte Hendricks, Matt Bohn, Steve Joynes, Sparky, Martin, Photo bomber luthier from outside exhibit, Michael Lewis and Larrys brother? in Grass Valley, California.

Bruce Sexauer 06-21-2017 10:49 PM

I am spending Wednesday night in Eugene OR, about halfway from Petaluma to Vancouver, BC. I had my car serviced a couple of weeks ago and the shop left the lid off the urea injection fluid modern diesel requires, and the reservoir sloshed itself empty all over the area that would have a spare tire if it weren't for the reservoir. Fortunately O'Reily's has the stuff, but I foresee further corrosion rooted trouble. Hope the car makes the whole trip.

iim7V7IM7 06-24-2017 01:18 PM

Bruce shared some shots from the Vancouver International Guitar Show. It looks like a good turn out...:up:

Bruce Sexauer 06-26-2017 01:35 AM

VIGF #1 is history. It was the best attended initial attempt I have seen, though I was not at La Conner. The place was packed from the first moment till the last. I am exhausted. More later.

rob2966 06-26-2017 12:02 PM

I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon at the VIGF and had the opportunity to spend some time talking with Bruce and playing both of the instruments he had displayed (Bruce, I was the big guy who sounded better on the small guitar :).

The small pear wood guitar was absolutely amazing, even over the background din of the exhibition hall you could hear how special it was. Having only been familiar with his work through this forum, it was fantastic to be able to try his instruments in person, and also speak to the man himself.

Was really great to have all those luthiers there, many from the US and eastern Canada making the trek.

I'll have to start saving up...and also hope for a more favorable currency exchange rate ;-).


Bruce Sexauer 06-27-2017 12:41 PM

Thanks for checking in here, and your method for separating yourself from the herd works for me. When I listen to folks play it I amazing how each sounds better to me on one instrument than another. Someone else sounded better on the bigger JB16 and I am not taking it home! I feel blessed as the exchange rate make the price of my stuff seem like unobtainium to me.

It is my understanding that this show will happen again and I certainly hope to keep my health long enough to return next year. Vancouver is a really great place for me.

Bruce Sexauer 06-28-2017 10:15 AM

I usually play my own demos at guitar shows as I like to talk about the individual guitars I have and what makes them special before I demonstrate them. VIGF is the best demo I have had so far. The room was packed and the audience was paying serious attention. There were probably well over 100 people packed into the space and I did not use the sound system. Great fun!

The following day I did my masterclass on the differences between traditional and modern guitars (and why it matters). If there were empty chairs, I didn't see them, but the isles themselves were not packed in this event as in the demo. My coherency was not 100%, and I ramble across a spectrum of subjects, but it must have been Okay as many attendees went out of their way to thank me. It was the third time I had tackled the subject publicly so I had some fall back available.

Finally, last night I went to an unrelated open mic night at an infamous pub in Vancouver called "the Princeton". This was an intimidatingly roudy place in the 70's, but was welcoming and supportive last night. Did a few tunes with the house band and my mentor/friend Michael Dunn (luthier) playing his latest resophonic. If any readers are in the Vancouver area and interested in this kind of exhibitionism, this open mic occurs every Tuesday from 10 pm till midnight, I'm told. The house band is quite competent, and special thanks to the guitar player, "Double D". Very friendly and supportive bunch!

Halcyon/Tinker 06-28-2017 10:42 AM

Had I known you were playing I'd have made my way down, The Princeton's not far from my place at all. Food is good there, and it's one of the few places in Van where a band can actually make a few bucks if they bring in enough folks...

Bruce Sexauer 06-30-2017 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by Halcyon/Tinker (Post 5390012)
Had I known you were playing I'd have made my way down, The Princeton's not far from my place at all. Food is good there, and it's one of the few places in Van where a band can actually make a few bucks if they bring in enough folks...

I had only a couple of hours notice myself.

Crossing back into the USA was uneventful except that I was dropping off my daughters friend Indira at the Seattle airport and they wouldn't honor her ticket because she didn't board the Vancouver connecting flight. So we aer traveling down the coast as three. Okay with Laurelyn and I.

Spent the night in Tokeland, WA, and no, it's not like that. 2nd floor of a small hotel, the only hotel, right on the beach. Under a hundred bucks and very nice. Also, the one restaurant in town is acceptable. A very good start for our leisurely return adventure.

I expect to be back in the shop Monday the 3rd of July.

Bruce Sexauer 06-30-2017 07:53 PM

Tonight we are on the Oregon coast in a motel on the cliff in a town called Yachats. The girls want Mexican, and the town provides two such restaurants. Assuming we survive, I may tender a recommendation at a later point. The drive today was In poor visibility due to marine air, which is rather more normal than not on the Oregon coast.

tadol 06-30-2017 11:18 PM

Hoping y'all make it home before the 4th!

Bruce Sexauer 07-01-2017 10:59 PM

I still expect to be home tomorrow, probably in time for supper.

We are 14 miles west of Weaverville CA on hwy 299 in the quaintest of old school motels, right on the river. The room is tiny and has a very good modern queen and a very 1950's single. Poor me!

Bruce Sexauer 07-02-2017 09:18 PM

I am home and toast (torrefacted?). I do expect to be in the shop tomorrow. If nothing else, I have to get out the invitation/reminder notice for the NCAL meeting next Sunday.

Bruce Sexauer 07-03-2017 08:40 PM

Blocked and buffed the "tree" Uke today!

JDatlen 07-04-2017 10:32 AM

I'm excited to see the Tree ukulele! I bet it's gorgeous.

Happy 4th of July!!

Bruce Sexauer 07-04-2017 03:19 PM

Greg, the soon to be owner of the Uke, spoke to me today and asked what is meant by "blocked". I am now realizing some among you probably share this question as I may have made up the terminology. It is short for "sanded with a hard block behind the abrasive ". Early finish sanding can be done with hand held abrasive and then as the process goes on the backing stiffness is increased in order to end up with as flat a surface as possible. Thus: "blocked and buffed". Pictures soon.

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