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cigarfan 11-19-2016 04:46 AM

High praise indeed! Can't wait for the soundclip. You should suggest to Dave he become a sponsor here and show off more of his geetars.

JoeCharter 11-22-2016 01:47 PM

Congrats, Dave!

It's a beautiful guitar and the headstock is particularly nice.

I'm also glad that others seem to enjoy a bit of pearl on their guitars! ;)

Diamondave 11-25-2016 11:36 PM

Howdy Folks, thanks for all the comments and kind words! Here is a few fast iPhone recordings I just took, no adjusting or edits, this is as high tech as I get, lol, so have some imagination... I have to play real soft and relaxed or else it gets all choppy, like you rolled down the window on the express way... you'll get a general idea.. thanks

usb_chord 11-26-2016 12:00 AM

Wow, Dave - It sounds gorgeous! I've heard of David Dart, but never any of his instruments. That bass response is all-encompassing! Very, very nice!! Love the playing, too!

Jobe 11-26-2016 03:54 AM

Wow. Very, very nice. I really like the play and sound. The build pictures are great too. ( Does his laundry drying suffer mid-build? ) Very impressive!

cigarfan 11-26-2016 04:33 AM

Very nice Dave. Thought there for a minute I hopped over to Dream Guitars. Nice playing. Tone on the guitar is excellent.

Diamondave 11-28-2016 05:01 PM

Thanks for all the comments Folks... wish I could dig into the guitar and play with excitement and power as I normally would, the guitars shines when you dig in... but my iPhone doesn't...!

Guitars44me 11-28-2016 09:17 PM

Nice pickin'
Wow Dave! Nice to hear slower versions of those tunes. I always want demos to be slow and let the guitar ring!

When I was a band leader in my foolish younger days I would always try to get my guys to slooooow down. Heck, we don't get paid by the note!!!

Sweet axe. Sweet picking, too!

Good on ya!



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