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arihant 01-21-2021 09:30 AM

Bigfoot Mod D in bearclaw sitka and brazilian rosewood
Hey guys!
I've been a long time lurker on AGF but never posted anything.
I'm Arihant Jain from India, playing guitar for the past 18 years, not professionally, though, just as a hobby I love. I started by playing classic rock and heavy metal when I was young and gradually started toying with fingerstyle acoustic guitar.
I do not record or even play for an audience. In today's fast-moving world, playing guitar is my escape, stress buster, meditative for me.
Currently, I own a Martin GPC -13, a Fender Redondo, a Mexican Strat, and an Ibanez Prestige.
In February, I first spoke to Karan when I wanted to get my Martin setup and couldn't find a decent luthier in my city to do it. He sent me to his assistant, and my guitar was set up flawlessly. That's when I got to know about Bigfoot Guitars and what a superb job Karan is doing.
It is almost impossible to find a full solid body guitar in India. Let alone a custom-made one,so this was a big surprise to me.
Karan invited me to his workshop and showed me a few of his guitars and many different kinds of wood!!! I was blown away by Karan's work, his collection of tone woods, and his craftsmanship. The fact that blew me out the most was that he was just 10 KMs away from my house.
After meeting Karan at his workshop, I started toying with getting a guitar commissioned,but I had no idea what I wanted. A few months passed, I got sick in between, found AGF, read a lot about different shapes, tone woods, etc., and came to a conclusion to pull the trigger.
A custom guitar, for me, is not something that has perfect tone, specs, etc. It is more of an heirloom. It will be to commemorate something special in my life. The aesthetics are equally important for me (If not more than specs).
I touched base with Karan again in June and told him what I want something special suited for fingerstyle play.
What followed was a lot of options given by Karan with pics, which ill post soon.
I'm excited about this build and will update this post regularly. I am hoping to make a lot of new friends here. Do-Follow!!

Nimiety 01-21-2021 09:49 AM

That's very exciting! Make sure to post updates and photos!

Congrats! :D

SpruceTop 01-21-2021 09:54 AM

Welcome, Arihant! Please keep us up-to-date on your Karan build! Karan Bigfoot Guitars

Guitars44me 01-21-2021 10:30 AM

Welcome aboard!
Glad to have you here! Looking forward to seeing and reading all about your build.

How fortunate to have Bigfoot so close to home.

I am certainly jealous of that proximity!!!

Enjoy the process and stay healthy!


Nemoman 01-21-2021 11:34 AM

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Bigfoot commission!

We all look forward to following along!

Rwpierce 01-21-2021 09:07 PM

Welcome to the club, I will be following for sure.

cigarfan 01-22-2021 04:11 AM

Welcome to AGF!

Remember ... custom builds are like potato chips, you can't have just one! :)

arihant 01-22-2021 05:12 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

Here is a pic of the Brazilian set Karan chose for me!

arihant 01-22-2021 05:14 AM


Originally Posted by cigarfan (Post 6611181)
Welcome to AGF!

Remember ... custom builds are like potato chips, you can't have just one! :)

I am already thinking about what to get next. This is so true!:D

Nemoman 01-22-2021 09:47 AM

That is quite the set of BRW--WOW!

BlackKeys36 01-22-2021 02:33 PM

Welcome and thanks for sharing! Bigfoot is on my short list!

Ukulele_Eddie 01-22-2021 02:54 PM

For your first commission, you aren't messing around. ;-) That is a lovely set of BRW! I bet it will have some gorgeous pink hues in the figuring. Looks a lot like a custom Hive ukulele that is being finished for me but will probably be re-homed as I am no longer really playing uke. It takes all my focus to get used to six strings! LOL.

ericcsong 01-26-2021 06:02 PM

I'm so excited about this build! I absolutely love my Bigfoot! Following!

arihant 01-28-2021 03:27 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Looking for to the build and will try to update the thread regularly with as many details as possible.

Update: Back has been shaped and sanded. I'm confused about whether to go for the ebony center strip or not. Please suggest which looks better?

cigarfan 01-30-2021 05:13 AM

I am a fan of backstrips so in my biased opinion, I would say go with it.

Nemoman 01-30-2021 01:32 PM

Your set is so well bookmatched I'd be tempted to not use a backstrip.

It'll look great either way!

ericcsong 02-08-2021 11:25 PM

With no backstrip, you see all the beautiful wood.

With the backstrip, some think it frames the wood nicely.

Can't go wrong with either!

arihant 02-13-2021 03:40 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Thanks for the suggestions! We went with no backstrip on this one.

The Back after being glued!

Attachment 51665
Attachment 51666

Here is the beautiful bearclaw spruce Karan chose for me!

Attachment 51669
Attachment 51667

The Rosette! Stone Engraving in Ebony!

Attachment 51668

shakespearouac 03-06-2021 07:36 PM

Welcome I'm also now following you.
I've usually spent a few months a year in Chennai,
and as soon as The Thing goes poof!, or even semi-poof, my wife and I are flying to her fsmily home there.
i'm very curious about guitars he's made with unusual woods like tamarind and monkeypod. and his bracing design and materials? and use of high tech such as titanium truss rod, graphite bridge plate, . . . ?
Once your guitar-build chronicle has ended well, I'd love to hear your experiences of other high-end Indian or Indian-based luthiers.
As you may suspect, visiting the Bigfoot workshop is a major priority for me. Luckily my wife's family is co-based in Mumbai and New Delhi.
welcome again, as in howdy namste

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