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Brownheron 06-10-2022 12:50 PM

Tony Vines Contact Info
If anyone has Tony's email and could share (PM is fine), I appreciate it.

I recently purchased one of his instruments from another forum member and I'm really loving it. I just thought I'd send Tony a note to let him know where it ended up and how much I appreciate his craftsmanship.

I tried his website but it appears to be down and his Facebook page is locked up. I'm hoping he's doing well and still making instruments as the one I have is a gem.



inc0herent 06-10-2022 02:52 PM

Hey Thomas! I send you an email with Tony's contact info. Cheers!

Jeff Mc 06-11-2022 03:30 PM

Please let us or me know if you hear from Tony. Tony is a great guy. I was a Facebook friend but it seems like he disappeared from Facebook and his website is no more. Looks like he may not be building guitars these days. I bought a guitar from Tony at Healdsburg (2002 I believe). It was a fantastic guitar. It was in my Minneapolis years. I took it into the Podium and they ordered one because everyone liked it so much. We kept in touch for years. I eventually traded in the guitar at Hill Country Guitars (because that is what I do). Someone bought it and then some time later and wanted to return it because it developed a crack in the top (they did not take it back). So, I don't know what happened to it after that. Hopefully, someone repaired it.

Brownheron 06-13-2022 08:50 AM

I did get a short reply from Tony. He seems like a very thoughtful person. He didn't mention whether he was still building guitars or not.

Jlhunt 06-14-2022 11:51 PM

Tony Vines
Tony is still building and just completed several guitars including a new SJ model. I think a couple of the guitars he just completed are available and really worth looking at. His new SJ is outstanding. If you have trouble reaching him PM me and I'll get you his contact info

dbintegrity 06-15-2022 06:21 PM

I will say this... the guitar I had listed was an absolute beast of a guitar.... I only listed it over others I have because I thought it would be easier to move a 6500 guitar vs 12k-15K guitars.... I'm very impressed with the workmanship, playability and tone.. not to mention the aesthetics.. He builds a great guitar period.

inc0herent 06-16-2022 02:59 PM

I talked to Tony today about the Dreadnaught of his that I own. He says to say HI to everyone here and that details and photos of his new SJ model are coming soon. Cool!

dbintegrity 06-17-2022 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by inc0herent (Post 7024524)
I talked to Tony today about the Dreadnaught of his that I own. He says to say HI to everyone here and that details and photos of his new SJ model are coming soon. Cool!

Did he happen to mention what was going on with his website?

theEdwinson 06-17-2022 11:51 AM

Tony has been a good friend for several years. I first met him at Healdsburg 2005, when his exhibit table was right across from me. I was just beginning as a professional luthier, and I was a bit envious of all the people who were constantly gathered around Tony's table and playing his exquisite guitars. That show was in the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa CA, as I recall, and it was a cacophonous racket in that huge hall. But I could hear Tony's instruments cutting through the noise with such sweetness and light- like a cool breeze on a broiling hot day.

It was at Bob Singer's Memphis Acoustic Guitar Festival in 2015 when Tony and I really struck a chord. That show was pretty sparsely attended, so us luthiers had plenty of quality hang time with each other. Tony impressed me as an amazingly humble and down to Earth guy, despite his enormous talent and ability. And he's as friendly and kind as the day is long- on the Solstice.

We have had some phone chats that wandered through long paths of personal philosophy, faith, and lutherie as a spiritual practice. We've shared the ups and downs of this life, and commiserated about the trials and tribulations of trying to do well and be good in a world that's off its rocker. Talking with Tony has always been like finding a verdant oasis in the desert.

I think I'll give my friend a call in the next day or two. We haven't caught up in too long of a time. Tony, if you read this, let's chat awhile. I want to hear how you're doing, and what kind of magic you're spinning up these days.

inc0herent 06-23-2022 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by dbintegrity (Post 7024819)
Did he happen to mention what was going on with his website?

Spoke with Tony today and he said the website will be back up soon.

inc0herent 06-24-2022 12:18 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are some photos of Tony's latest batch. There are 3 of his new SJ models and one SL. I've got my eye on that EIR/Cedar SJ!

"The SJs are East Indian Rosewood with Cedar, Honduran Mahogany with Adi, Patagonia Rosewood and Cedar. The SL is 14fret to body as opposed to 13 fret, Cocobolo and Italian."

Tony has given permission for me to post these photos and info as well as to mention that anyone who is interested can contact him at [email protected]

In the picture the order goes front to back:

EIR/Cedar SJ
Coco/Italian SL + bevel and soundport
Patagonia/Cedar SJ
Mahogany/Adi SJ by Seth G., on Flickr

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