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tommypaton 11-11-2019 11:21 AM

Replacement Taylor GS Mini saddle
I am looking at replacing the saddle on my GS Mini.
When I look online the images I see appear to show saddles that are blank ( not pre slotted)
Is it possible to purchase a saddle that is a direct replacement ie slotted like when fitted to the guitar?

Earl49 11-11-2019 01:47 PM

Saddles generally are not pre-slotted. There is often some compensation (length) built in, especially for the b string. Nuts often have slots to set the string spacing, but the slots still need to be filed for proper string depth relative to the first fret. Maybe I don't understand the question?

tommypaton 11-11-2019 03:03 PM

Regarding saddle comments
Thanks Earl. No you have understood fine. I cant imagine Taylor file each saddle individually so I cannot understand why they would not supply a new slotted saddle? Mines was damaged after a bump. Now I need to pay a luthier to file new slots?
Surely they must produce slotted saddles for their production line?

Dave Abrahamson 11-11-2019 05:23 PM

Which end of the guitar are we talking about Tommy?
Nuts have slots.Up by the tuners.
Saddles,inset into the bridge,are generally straight except for a compensated b string ramp. Taylor also used a "wave" design saddle.

mirwa 11-11-2019 05:36 PM

Aftermarket bone nuts and saddles from Taylor are not slotted, they are rough carved for final setting up on the instrument, final setup includes tweaking edges, laying out string lines and filing the slots to height


tommypaton 11-12-2019 04:24 AM

Thanks to you all
Mirwa, Dave Earl, and anyone else who posts later...
Thank you most sincerely for all the guidance and communication.
I have been playing guitars for longer than I remember and now I have learned something I hadnt realised.
I had not considered that the close proximity of the saddle to the bridge pin holes did not necessitate slots, unlike the nut that has no string guidance as such. I had it in my mind that small slots were cut on it.
New lesson learned at 67 years of age.
Never too old to learn " every day's a school day" as they say
Many many thanks guys and gals

runamuck 11-12-2019 08:35 AM

runamuck 11-12-2019 08:40 AM

Earl49 11-12-2019 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by tommypaton (Post 6209284)
.....I had not considered that the close proximity of the saddle to the bridge pin holes did not necessitate slots.....

Notches can eventually wear in the saddle surface, but they are not normally put there on purpose. Some folks have deliberately filed notches to encourage wider string spacing at the nut than would passively happen. For example, if they wanted 2-5/16" spacing for fingerpicking but the manufacturer's standard was 2-1/4".

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