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menhir 01-28-2020 04:11 PM

Thanks for all the help and advice.

I have the tools set aside and I'm just waiting for a nice open day to get the job done (among all the other to-do's that were waiting until I retired to get done. ;) )

I'll post a pic of the finished result.

menhir 02-07-2020 04:29 PM

Well, it's done. :)

I cut the shape around the mark left by the old pre-amp. I sorta liked the look.

It was done with a sharp blade, patiently scoring the shape over and over again until it cut through. Then some shaping with flat and curved files, a fine round file for the tight corners and some sanding. I followed up with a bit of Minwax Sedona stain on the inside edges.

The edges blend in perfectly, but for some reason, they look much lighter in the image...It must be the lighting. I may apply a bit of satin varnish on the edges after the stain dries. Maybe not...the guitar is a satin finish anyway.


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