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eatswodo 02-11-2019 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by Swamp Yankee (Post 5975975)
I've noticed pretty significant improvements after cutting most of the gluten out of my diet - particularly with the joint pain I had been getting in my fingers, but also in other regards as well, such as a reduction in the small patches of psoriasis that had been with me for many years. I've also noticed a.big reduction in intestinal gas as well.

I don't adhere to it 100%. I simply replaced the bread I had been eating with gluten free bread. It took a few tries to find a bread I liked but I settled on Canyon Bakehouse products. Now, I prefer that even to my old favorite sandwich bread I'd eaten before.

I'll still have real pizza now and then.. and pasta in soups and salads... but if I eat too much, I do notice a difference.

A quick scan suggests this might be your first post in this thread - my apologies if I missed others.

Can I strongly suggest that you go to your doctor and get tested for celiac? If you are negative, great - if not, you could save yourself a world of hurt either now or in later life.

Dirk Hofman 02-11-2019 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by Otterhound (Post 5976973)
On the contrary . It is up to the promoter/s of the study to convince me and others . Prove your case and expose everything .
The circumstances of the Inuit is long established common knowledge . Should you choose to debunk it , show me the evidence to back that up . Assumptions and imaginings are not evidence .
This is a circular issue . I am not convinced . Nothing personal .

I don’t know why this is difficult. I posted a study, which you can do with what you like. You responded with a tangentially related assertion and asked me to explain it. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Demonstrate your assertion has merit or not. You still haven’t and now claim it’s “common knowledge”.

Let me know when you have evidence for your claim, a claim which has already been debunked on this thread. Then let me know what it has to do with my original post and we can move on.

Here’s our exchange in guitar speak:

Me: I have a guitar for sale for $1200.

You: what’s your lowest price?

Me: I’m offering the guitar at $1200, feel free to make an offer.

You: some guy in Denmark told me this guitar is worth way less 40 years ago.

Me. ???

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