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RobKay 03-27-2020 11:08 AM

Gretsch G100CE Tailpiece Has Broken!
Well i have a Gretsch G100CE archtop and decided to do some recording, opened the case and the tailpiece has broken at the hinge. I have to say i'm gobsmacked, guitar has been well cared for and kept in its case at no extreme temperature one way or the other, its fitted with 12 gauge strings and i use use it tuned down 3 half make things worse i'm in the u.k so little chance of easily getting a replacement part.
Here are the images

Steve DeRosa 03-27-2020 12:04 PM

Here ya go:

FYI I've also seen them on eBay; that said, speaking as a lifelong Gretsch guy your long-term interests might be better-served with a standard Gretsch "G" tailpiece like those used on the late-model Electromatics:

More durable, cheaper, and probably easier to get in the UK to boot...

RobKay 03-29-2020 02:22 AM

Many thanks for the links, its a very cheaply made tailpiece and can probably be repaired at a crunch but wont look pretty, makes you think its probably best to get an instrument that uses standard type hardware. I'll order a new one just in case i decide to sell the guitar later.
Just to add theres a lot of tension on them two bits of metal, gretsch needs a rethink on that tailpiece....
Thanks again.

icuker 04-01-2020 02:24 AM

My Eastman Acoustic Archtop pulled apart at the hinge also. Freaked me out because I was tuning it up after being in short term storage. It just popped and pieces went flying! Eastman was great at sending an upgraded replacement and I was able to put it on with no issues. Anyway, good luck with the repair.

RobKay 04-06-2020 03:03 PM

Thanks for your thoughts......not a great response from Fender u.k. or the Gretsch/fender us...basically contact your local gretsch dealer and they will inform you how much it will be and an estimated delivery date, i know its strange times at the moment but i expected someone to stick the bit in an envelope and send us x amount and thats it.......i was going to buy one of the Gretsch Chet Atkins top of the range guitars but i won't be bothering now.
So there we go one Gretsch guitar stuck in its case.....useless.

Steve DeRosa 04-06-2020 06:28 PM


Originally Posted by RobKay (Post 6340615)
...I was going to buy one of the Gretsch Chet Atkins top of the range guitars but I won't be bothering now...

Lifelong Gretsch guy here - growing up in Brooklyn (my grandparents lived three blocks from the old 60 Broadway factory) Gretsch was our hometown brand and inevitably your first "good" guitar, got my first one in May 1964 (still own it), and use a '15 Electromatic G5622T-CB 3-pickup semi as my main gigging axe...

That said, I've played several examples of the G100CE and I'll be the first to tell you that even the Korean-made Electromatic 5400/5600-Series hollows/semis are in a whole different league; I wouldn't think twice about buying one of those as a wallet-friendly (under US$1000) pro-level instrument - quality/playability equals and often exceeds that of the Brooklyn originals, tone is straight out the classic Gretsch playbook (check out the reviews on the Electric Guitar subforum) - and as I said I use one as my go-to. The Professional Series is, as expected, the abode of the iconic "Golden Era" guitars: White Falcon (got one of those in my stable), Country Gent, 6120, Tennesseean, Duo-Jet, Double Anniversary et al.: hardware quality/fit-&-finish are slightly better then the E-Matics, and if you absolutely must have a '58 White Penguin, '59 Country Club, or '62 Jet Firebird this is the only way to get it for anything resembling a reasonable price - whether or not the price difference is worth it is up to you, but I wouldn't be put off from Gretsch instruments as a whole by your unfortunate experience...

RobKay 04-23-2020 12:22 PM

Fender the distributors for gretsch are just a waste of time just fob you off to their dealers who don't want to know....not enough money in still in bits, looking for a different tail piece......

Steve DeRosa 04-23-2020 02:04 PM

Sorry to hear, Rob - at this point I'd go with the cheaper/more durable/more available Gretsch "G" tailpiece and get back to playing again... :guitar:

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