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SJ VanSandt 10-10-2018 04:56 AM

Hey Steve and Ryan, Tom B'sox just brought my attention to his post in the Events section here on AGF, about his Guitarapolooza luthier show next March. (I have to confess that I rarely look in that section.) I'm super excited about it! I plan to be there and bring as many friends as I can, as well as a couple of Kinnaird guitars. Are you planning on making anything especially for it? Maybe a black limba guitar? ;)

nacluth 10-10-2018 08:07 AM

Ha! I donít think Steveís going to let me bring that to such a swanky event as the BIG 2019, but we do plan on making some cool new guitars for the event. Glad youíll be coming!

nacluth 10-15-2018 12:04 PM

I know Stan wants an update...and well the update is that the guitar is finishing up great. :) However, we're still a little way from updated pics as the lacquer process continues. Until then Stan, we made a little vide of another guitar in the shop. I thought you might like to watch it.


SJ VanSandt 10-15-2018 01:34 PM

It's hard to believe that one is still in the shop! I thought it would be long gone! You guys need a good sales rep. I'd volunteer, but I'd end up selling them all to myself.

nacluth 10-15-2018 01:49 PM

Youíre hired!

nacluth 10-18-2018 02:29 PM

Ok Stan, how about another wood acquisition shot. Hereís some Spanish Cedar that we got in today...actually two sister sets that are identical. What you think?

TomB'sox 10-18-2018 02:33 PM

Hey Ryan, how dark do you think that will get with finish? Like Christie's?

nacluth 10-18-2018 02:36 PM

No not quite Tom. This is a lot lighter (in color) set than Christieís which was a dark piece. This is Hawaiian grown and this particular tree is fairly blond. It will obviously be a lot richer under finish but only marginally darker.

nacluth 10-18-2018 03:09 PM

Or for a smaller guitar.

SJ VanSandt 10-18-2018 05:30 PM

How about the first set as a top for the black limba? No buckshot though.

nacluth 10-18-2018 06:38 PM

Pea-wadding. No, the black Limba has a greenish undertone to it. Combined with the red overtones of this wood, it would not pass my basic sensibilities test.

printer2 10-18-2018 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by nacluth (Post 5866588)
Pea-wadding. No, the black Limba has a greenish undertone to it. Combined with the red overtones of this wood, it would not pass my basic sensibilities test.

Just need a multi-colored purfling and binding to tie it all together. :D

SJ VanSandt 10-18-2018 08:23 PM

So that first set would go well with a redwood top?

nacluth 10-18-2018 09:04 PM

Exactly. Now one picture was taken under a warm incandescent bulb and the other under fluorescents. They are identical and look more like the first picture.

Guitars44me 10-18-2018 10:58 PM

Oooohhhh.... Spanish Cedar
What a beautiful Myrtle axe! And nice pickin' too...

I am all aflutter over Spanish Cedar. And looking forwarding to Tom's B.I.G.

You guys sure are making some beauties!



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