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invguy921 11-28-2017 06:17 AM

NOW Finished!! Patrick Morrissey Guitars...Yummy Koa!!
Recently Tom (TomB'sox) introduced a builder to AGF that he met at the Woodstock Guitar Show. Upon researching some of Patricks work, I realized that he is not only a great craftsman, but also super creative given his background as a Graphic Designer. Not to mention, presumably from some of Tom's "clean" pics Patrick is somewhat of a "neat freak". He tells me he has vacuum systems everywhere in his shop to keep it immaculately clean given the type of work he does. Now I'm not all that neat, nor do i think it is an essential quality, but seeing how attentive Patrick is to detail combined with his neat approach, I became really interested in how that might follow into his builds. Hearing some of Tom's sound clips caused me to take further notice. Apparently over 15 years of building guitars he has learned how to sprinkle the essential magic dust into the tonal aspects of his builds. Then I talked with Patrick at length and we discussed the idea of a build with some more of Patrick's really cool Koa. Next thing I know I'm signed up for a build which will start very soon :up:.

I anticipate a great experience with this build. Patrick is a great guy to talk to and knows his stuff. You should check him out.

Here's a bit of info about Patrick from his website:

"After completing my first guitar, I was hookedÖI knew this is where I wanted to focus my talents. I found my passion as a luthier Ė 15 years later I continue to do what I love every day.

My love of woodworking goes back to my childhood. My father was a craftsman and working along side him as a young boy I learned the skills necessary for fine woodworking. Of course, at the time I was unaware I would return to woodworking many years later and how these skills would serve me so well.

In school I earned my degree in Graphic Design. I had a successful 20 year career as a graphic designer, but the calling for fine woodworking was always there. On the side I built many pieces of fine furniture Ė but it never completely satisfied my woodworking desire. So, in 1999 I became a student of Thomas Knatt at the Luthierís workshop in Concord Massachusetts. My passion was found."

So, this guitar will be a Grand Auditorium Cutaway in German Spruce and some pretty sweet Hawaiian Koa.

Here's quick peek at the Koa:

TomB'sox 11-28-2017 07:47 AM

Yes, your Woodiness, I plead guilty to all of the above as well as to loving that Koa. Those dark streaks just work so well with the golden color of the Koa.

I really think you are going to love this guitar, at least I hope you do as I am sort of responsible. I will be following closely as you might expect with my hopes high and my dreams big haha!

And, it is true about how neat and organized he is, even his dog was clean! :D

Godfather 11-28-2017 11:06 AM

Wowza! That is some fine Koa.
Watching the build is going to be fun!

Cocobolo Kid 11-28-2017 06:03 PM

Sweet Koa
That sure is some fine koa. I can't wait to see this build progress. Learning about new (to me) luthiers is one of the great benefits of this forum.

Thanks for posting.

dylanheeg 11-28-2017 07:42 PM

Oooohhh I'm following this one!

cigarfan 11-29-2017 04:21 AM

Thatís a great way to address you ... your Woodiness! Thanks Tom! I think that might stick.

Really nice set of Koa. And paired with German should be awesome. Iíll be watchiní.

invguy921 11-29-2017 06:53 AM

Thanks to all for the encouraging comments. Yes that Koa is pretty darned special. Deep color...yum...when the real finish goes on, oh boy, i like my chances :up:

And Tom, you crack me up :lol:. Your "woodiness" ha!! Not many things make me laugh out loud this early in the morning, but THAT certainly did. Thank you!

islandguitar 11-29-2017 08:59 AM

Looks like a special build.....wonderful wood......where in W. Mass is he located? (I spent many years out there before returning to R.I.). Will enjoy following this build!

invguy921 11-29-2017 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by islandguitar (Post 5551643)
Looks like a special build.....wonderful wood......where in W. Mass is he located? (I spent many years out there before returning to R.I.). Will enjoy following this build!

Thx! I hope that wood is at least in the ballpark with the stuff you told me about right there in your home state! Also, gorgeous playing on the Soundcloud link.

islandguitar 11-29-2017 11:16 AM

Thanks so much Mike! Glad you enjoyed!

invguy921 11-29-2017 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by islandguitar (Post 5551795)
Thanks so much Mike! Glad you enjoyed!

Oops I blew it. I have a friend names James in Hawaii that, due to the handle "islandguitar" I thought had made the comment. He recently was telling me about all of the GREAT Koa he can get his hands on in his State of Hawaii. Sorry, I don't know his AGF "handle" and I thought, mistakenly that Fred was James.

So, Fred, Thanks anyway for the kind comments! :up:

islandguitar 11-29-2017 01:16 PM

Thanks Mike.....PM'd you !!

MorrisseyGuitar 12-01-2017 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by islandguitar (Post 5551643)
Looks like a special build.....wonderful wood......where in W. Mass is he located? (I spent many years out there before returning to R.I.). Will enjoy following this build!

Hi Fred,

Iím just outside Worchester in Charlton - Central Mass. I grew up in West Springfield, which is Westrn Mass. Thanks for following this build. Iíll try to provide Mike with some great photos to keep the fun going.

Iím an easy drive from R.I. Come up for a Shop visit sometime.


invguy921 12-15-2017 08:18 PM

Off to a good start!
Patrick sent me some pics of this new start. He shared that he uses a CNC machine in the interest of creating guitars with the highest level of accuracy. Pretty cool stuff!

Here's what he sent:

New Top Bracing and body shape template created from the CNC.

Amazing accuracy of the CNC - the template fits perfectly into the CNCís created mold. Friction fit.

Drilling indexing holes that are used for additional CNC functions and more importantly they align the back with the index holes in the mold for an accurate fit during assembly.

Routing the back channel.

Backstrip (Paua) set in and CNCíing the oversize cutout of the body.

Oversize Back cleaned up. Ready for center graft and back bracing.

TomB'sox 12-16-2017 08:47 AM

Looks like you are off to a great start. The Koa looks fantastic....

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