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jlynch401 12-01-2018 08:17 AM

Boss Acoustic Singer Pro Amp - DI Box?
Hi - I'm not getting the volume I want from my acoustic guitar and it HISSES when I turn it up and wonder if a DI box would help?
I am using an Ibanez electric acc - w battery.
Should I use a DI or some kind of pre-amp or will that hurt the amp?
Any recommendations for the type of box I can use to boost volume - eliminate hissing and enhance sound greatly appreciated.

meb 12-01-2018 01:25 PM

My first thought was to check the 'pad' switch to make sure it is on the
loudest setting. Not many combo amps have that feature and would be
easy to get it set the wrong way. Good luck.

jlynch401 12-01-2018 02:48 PM

Thanks Michael,
I've tested that bad boy in and the resonance button they're on the loudest setting.
Appreciate the reply though.

MarkF_48 12-01-2018 03:18 PM

Not too long ago I replaced the UST PU in my old Ibanez AEF18. It had a really low output, the high E string was dead, and I had to turn up the gain on the amp a lot to compensate. Did not get hiss at higher gain on the amp though. My Ibanez UST is a B-Band into an SRTn preamp. The new PU still doesn't have as much output as a couple other guitars I have, but it's usable now. I believe I had read somewhere Ibanez's with B-Band/SRTn's were a bit weak on output.

If you need to turn the gain up a bunch on the amp, I wonder if it could be a problem with the UST PU? Try a new battery also, if you haven't already. Weak battery could cause the onboard preamp to have low output and possible hiss.

meb 12-16-2018 09:21 AM

Did you ever get a resolution to this? I have an Acoustic Singer Live and
get no hiss whatsoever out of the unit. I do get some hiss out of my L1C
when I send the ASLive output to my Bose L1C.

As to preamp/Di's, I popped in my Red-eye and get a tiny bit more volume. Of
course, when I plug my sunnaudio Stage or Venue (both with Volume
controls) into the ASL, I can increase the volume of my guitar using the
gain and/or volume knobs.

One last note, I get no hiss from the amp when I plug in my passive Black
Angel pickup and turn the volume to max.

Good luck.

ricdoug 12-16-2018 10:19 AM

I use the preamp section of active DI boxes to get the proper gain staging to cleanly drive a mixer. It can be as simple and inexpensive as a Behringer ADI21. The pickups and electronics in some instruments don't have the power to drive an amp or board. Also, active preamp DI boxes have XLR outputs to drive longer distances through lower impedance, balanced lines. How long of an instrument cable are you using?

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