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Feodor 05-23-2021 02:52 PM

Beautiful Chords (You Must Learn)
Hello everyone!

In this week’s lesson I will show you how to spice up the basic open chords on the guitar and also teach you a beautiful fingerpicking pattern!

So instead of playing basic chord shapes, you can add some extensions to the same chords and play this beautiful chord progression.

Thank you very much for watching and have a nice weekend :)

TomB'sox 05-26-2021 08:25 AM

Thank you, that was fun and sounds great.

SprintBob 05-26-2021 08:33 AM

Nice thread! Wonder if this would get more attention in Play and Write sub-forum?

Deliberate1 05-26-2021 11:59 AM

Amazing the magic that can come out of a guitar, and with just a tweak of some chords we've all played countless times. This is very accessible for me, as a recent guitar student, and makes me sound like I am so much better than I am. The tech parts, camera angle, pace and visuals make for an excellent lesson. I am going to spend the afternoon on these. Thanks greatly.

jseth 05-26-2021 12:11 PM

Nice stuff!

Performing as a solo guitar and voice for over 50 years, I've long enjoyed "altering" chord positions and shapes to achieve more interesting sounds from "normal" chords... I especially have cultivated many chord forms that make a guitar "sound" as though they're in a different tuning, when they're actually just in standard tuning...

Thanks for posting this!

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