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Matt McGriff 01-16-2021 12:39 AM

Yamaha YEV-104 Violin
I have owned a Yamaha SLG200S for a few years and have found it to be an invaluable tool for practice and as a performance instrument. My son has been playing violin for over 3 years and is really enjoying it. We just moved to a new city and will be in an apartment for about 9 months. In order to not piss off our neighbor, I thought it might be good to try a silent violin so he can still practice at home. The Yamaha YEV-104 seems to be the perfect solution for us. From all we have seen, this instrument will allow for somewhat silent (or reduced volume) practice and could also be a performance instrument for the group he is playing with. And it just seems like a beautiful, well designed instrument.

Kerbie 01-16-2021 05:26 AM

That IS beautiful! I like it. I also used to own a Silent Guitar and it was nice instrument... beautifully made and played like a dream. This was a great idea, Matt. He can use it for a long time... could also be his travel instrument.

Matt McGriff 01-16-2021 08:07 AM

Thanks. He really loves playing and I want to continue to encourage him. I wanted to surprise him but didnít know if he would like the black or natural one better. I have a THR amp that is a perfect companion for these so it should work great for him. I actually bought it from Electric Violin Shop, not Sweetwater, as violins are their specialty (obviously) and they set up each violin they sell. I want to make sure to give them a shout out.

lfoo6952 01-16-2021 04:55 PM

Hi Matt:

Congrats. It has great tone. The one thing I didn't like about it was the pegs kept slipping on the model that I demo'd in a store. Otherwise I would have bought it. Does your son experience the same issue?

To dampen the sound of your acoustic violin, try using a metal mute. They are quite effective vs. the rubber mute.

Matt McGriff 01-16-2021 09:08 PM

Just ordered it last night. Once it comes in Iíll post an update. Thanks for the info.

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