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johnhall 01-15-2021 08:48 AM

Reimagined Bach Bourrée
A different take on this one.


charles Tauber 01-15-2021 11:57 AM

It is different. Good technique displayed.

AndreF 01-15-2021 03:14 PM

That was different. Almost like you were playing the familiar fingerings, but in a different tuning. :) Not dance like, but dissonant and imaginative.
Good job John, and great tone! Thanks for sharing that one.

johnhall 01-16-2021 05:31 AM

Thanks guys. Glad you didn't consider it blasphemy.


Su_H. 01-16-2021 06:51 PM

Nicely done.

I just finished learning Bouree in E minor. It's a more difficult piece than it looks on paper. It is difficult to play this piece at the correct tempo. Also, it took me a much longer time than expected to memorize it. I now understand first hand why Bach is difficult to play. I can only imagine his longer works would be a nightmare.

j3ffr0 01-17-2021 03:39 PM

Nicely done. I enjoyed this slower version than I enjoy any of the blazing fast versions.

baseball 01-22-2021 07:46 AM

That was cool. I am a huge fan of taking liberties with older tunes

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