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Street Glider 09-16-2021 11:19 AM

Rocket Launch...
I was at my local watering hole last night for "bike night" when I overheard someone say "Yeah, it just launched!"

Next thing I know, everyone's looking to the south and, before you know it, you can see a rocket trail heading skyward from the Kennedy Space Center.

Apologies for the poor quality. As good as the camera on the iPhone 12 Max Pro is, some things you should just have a camera for:

I've lived in northeastern Florida for eight years, and this is the first time I've actually seen a launch. My daughter said that this is one of Elon Musk's rockets, carrying four people into space...

Dru Edwards 09-16-2021 01:30 PM

Awesome pics!

It's a great story. All 4 passengers are civilians and they'll be orbiting the Earth for 3 days. Higher orbit than the ISS and Hubble. $200M total cost for those 4 passengers.

KevWind 09-16-2021 02:58 PM

How Cool,,,,, I wonder if they were playing this on the sound system when they got clear of launch noise

saxonblue 09-16-2021 03:44 PM

Cool pics regardless, thanks for sharing.
Could you hear anything or too far away?

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