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Big Dawg 02-01-2017 10:14 PM

HG electronics
New to the forum as of today, so please forgive me if this has already been hashed to death: I currently play an Emerald Synergy X7 w/ a Pick Up The World dual UST active mono system that I interface w/ a Tonewood Amp in most circumstances. In conjunction w/ an order I just placed w/ Emerald for an X20-7, I will also be getting an L.R. Baggs iMix dual UST system ostensibly to replace the PUTW system. My question is: is anyone familiar w/ this system, and what advice can you offer? I need to maintain a mono output most of the time to interface w/ the Tonewood Amp, but am also excited about the ability to switch to stereo output. Really curious if anyone else has similar experiences. Thanks in advance for your replies, and my apologies in advance for slow responses from my end as I learn my way around this forum!
Bob (Big Dawg)

jay7347 02-02-2017 08:14 AM

Not much experience with the systems you are talking about. I went with a dual K&K pure mini after much discussion with Duane Noble, Dieter at K&K and Antoinne Dufor, who has an earlier model of the same harp guitar. Fairly happy with it although I do have some feedback issues when playing in a larger band setup, necessitating a cover on the arm sound hole. It is a two channel coming out. Sound/tone wise, everything is great!


tommyharpingon 03-09-2017 05:24 PM

LR Baggs Info - BIG DAWG
Big Dawg! Hope you're well mate. I recently picked up a fanned fret Synergy X 20 from Emerald. AMAZING machine. The pickup took me a little while to get my head around, but once you spent a few hours alone, phone and TV off, plug in to whatever you use and just spent a little time blending, it's pretty simple. Very sensitive, very tonally versatile and dead easy to access. Nifty orange light too. Mono and stereo functions, they'll give you a little plastic screwdriver type gadget to alter various frequencies if you want, but in all honesty, I've left that alone and just spent time enjoying the pure sound of the Harp, then gradually started playing about with the pickup. The main thing I've found is to remember that the two wheels are not both volume. it's volume and mix. Try just setting the mix in the centre and getting used to the sound, adjust a little either way clockwise/anti clockwise and see how the sound of each set of strings drops in and out/lifts up and down. Really doesn't take long. Plus if you need any extra guidance, the Emerald guys really can't do enough to help you, top notch customer service doesn't do them enough justice (y)

Let me know if you'd like anymore info, will help if I can!

Cheers matey


PS - here it is in action, but not using the pickups -

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