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koolau 01-23-2020 06:50 PM

Pono OO
new, currently in production, available May 2020:
Pono OO-30D Rosewood
Back and Sides: Solid Rosewood
Top: Solid Western Cedar
Body Width: 14 3/8"
Nut Width: 1 13/16"
Scale Length: 24 3/4"
Neck to Body: 12th fret
Top and Back Binding: Maple
Top Purfling: Herringbone
Headstock: slotted
Nut and Saddle: Bone
Tuners: Grover H97 "Waverly" style open gear
Case: Hardshell
Retail: $2399
Direct Sale Price: $1199

koolau 01-24-2020 01:33 PM

Pono OO
also in production, available May 2020
Back and sides: solid Mahogany
Top: Engelmann Spruce
Binding: Ebony
Fingerboard and Bridge: Ebony
Nut and Saddle: Bone
Headstock: Slotted
Lower Body Width: 14 3/8"
Nut Width: 1 13/16"
Neck to Body: 12th
Tuners: Grover H97 "Waverly" style open gear
Retail: $1999
Direct Price: $999

kudama 02-01-2020 02:22 PM

Guess I better start saving for that OO-30D...

PaulHintz 02-01-2020 07:13 PM

Oh dear. Just when I resolved “not another guitar (at least this year”....
Pics? Finish?

Pippin 02-05-2020 04:23 AM


Originally Posted by PaulHintz (Post 6281806)
Oh dear. Just when I resolved “not another guitar (at least this year”....
Pics? Finish?

No picture of the new Pono OO, yet ;) (mine is the older generation with narrower waist),

but the "D" in the model designation usually refers to "deluxe" i.e. gloss poly finish.


Pippin 03-03-2020 10:14 PM

Pono OO update!
Somehow got in touch with John about the OO coming in May :) He explained a little more about the design and specs of the instrument but actually most information are available in the first two posts of this thread. Worth highlighting would be the fact that John has reverted to some original designs of OO in this incarnation, with short scale (24 3/4"), 12-frets, slotted headstock, and 1 13/16" nut width.

I remember some of these features once appeared in one of John's previous "vintage" model OO40V, and an NGD thread could still be found in this Forum.

My Pono OO20 SB - spruce-mahogany sunburst, remains one of my favourite Pono guitars. Ergonomic and easy to hold, with a crisp and articulate, projectile sound.

Also great to see rosewood is again available. My first Pono guitar - a spruse-rosewood body/side instrument (GA30DC) - is, all things considered, my favourite guitar, ever!:D


mercy 03-24-2020 08:55 AM

would you do a 000 for $2000?

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