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Henning 10-24-2019 12:20 AM

Value of violin "Made in Czekoslovakia"
Hi, so, I got this violin to be evaluated: Stradivarius cremonensis 1713 Czekoslovakia of 4/4 size, in nice shape, seems to be hardly played at all. some wear marks, no dents or scars. But, it lacks the bow. It comes in what supposedly is the original case where the hinges have been taken off. The case is otherwise in a pretty good shape though. Unusually simple wood in the back and sides. No deep flammable maple. Could rather be spruce actually.
Both case and violin were cleaned just recently by me.

Please estimate the value in a price range.

Kind regards Henning

JCook1 10-24-2019 10:56 AM

You can't really evaluate it on an online forum. You need to take it to someone who can inspect it physically. The label saying "Stradivarius cremonensis 1713" only means it's a copy of a Strad, probably made in the 20th century. It may be a decent violin or not, but is probably not a high-end instrument. The first violin I bought (some more than 30 years ago) had the same label. I paid $65 for it, and it wasn't a great instrument. But to find a value for it you'll need to take to someone who knows about violins for a physical inspection. It may turn out to be a playable instrument and may have a nice tone, but it's probably not worth a lot of money.


Silly Moustache 10-24-2019 11:06 AM

Hej Henning.
The western Czech/German area at one time known as Sudatenland had a very high reputation for fine luthiery, especially before WW2.
I see that Umeå is a fair way north of the larger cities, but if you can , try to find a violin dealer there who could give you a face to face evaluation.
If it works for you, don't worry - just play it.

Hälsningar från en gammal Engelskman!

dbintegrity 10-24-2019 02:23 PM

Take some pictures of it and send them to Fred Oster at He is located in Philadelphia,Pa.... From what I recall he was an appraiser for Christies years ago and from time to time you'll Catch him on the Antique roadshow... I have sold Fred many instruments over the years.
Most likely you just have a decent student instrument, but the proper pics and such will give Fred the info needed to tell you what you've got.
Good luck !

Henning 10-25-2019 12:24 AM

Thank you so much for your replies.
Best regards

merlin666 10-25-2019 11:19 AM

Possibly a Strunal. The Cremona is their top model:

They were also known as "Cremona" brand until 1992 when they were privatized after the fall of communism. As Czechoslovakia existed between 1945 and 1993 it is not likely a vintage instrument but reflective of mass production in the planned economy with poor quality control.

Wade Hampton 11-10-2019 06:04 AM

Something to be aware of is that the market value of used violins has been seriously disrupted by the influx of well made Chinese instruments in the past ten or fifteen years. As a result, a lot of decent Czech and German made violins are worth a lot less now than they used to be.

Wade Hampton Miller

Tony Burns 12-01-2019 10:23 AM

Violins of that time period were as common then as guitars are now-
that basically was their era -their were so many made and sold
that their very common and most have little or no value -
i sold 4 or five of them a few years ago to a friend for a very low price
( he typically works on them and gives them away )

Not saying yours isnt a decent model or has no value -get it checked out by someone who knows violins.
This forum is not the place for that .

Maryc-k 12-01-2019 04:49 PM

There’s a lot more work and research that goes into evaluating and appraising violins than guitars or mandolins, and most turn out to be worth quite less than people believe.

Wade Hampton 12-02-2019 06:03 AM

“But it’s a genuine Stradivarius!! See, it even says so on the label!!!”


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