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FPerezRoig 03-21-2020 05:33 AM

Thank you!

FPerezRoig 04-08-2020 12:35 PM

Need some advice! I messed things up a little , started gluing the back bindings , but accidentally cut them short , and now there's a small gap at the neck end. everything looked fine.without glue, but once applied things went south. Decided to unglue this part before drying, but don't really know what to do next.


What do you guys think?? Should I just leave it like that, and fill the gap with glue? Any better fix to this??

I'm afraid I'd probably have to fill some small hairline gaps here and there with CA glue and rosewood dust, because I didn't glued purflings 100% tight with the sides in some places, but that's another story, and don't feel too concerned about it.

I also started to scrape the sides to level things out, remove glue marks etc, but those curly maple bindings are very difficult to scrape!! Should I leave the scraper and just sand the sides?? Scraping leaves an irregular rough binding surface.

This is proving to be a real challenge! Hope my mistakes and your advice can help others sometime.

phavriluk 04-08-2020 01:04 PM

A thought
Any chance OP was holding the scraper at right angles to the bindings? Everyone develops their own techniques, but I've encountered chattering like that if I was addressing the scraper at right angles and the chattering went away, for me, at a shallower angle.

FPerezRoig 04-08-2020 03:17 PM

Thanks Phavriluk,

Tried different angles without success, maybe the scraper is not sharp enough? It shaves the purflings ok, but it doesn't make shavings but dust to the maple binding.

Rudy4 04-08-2020 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by FPerezRoig (Post 6342607)
Thanks Phavriluk,

Tried different angles without success, maybe the scraper is not sharp enough? It shaves the purflings ok, but it doesn't make shavings but dust to the maple binding.

Your scraper needs sharpening work. It's a bit of an art to doing it right, but if you're making dust then either the cutting geometry or how you are holding it needs to be addressed. Even on figured wood binding you should be getting super fine shavings that are thin enough that you can almost see through them.

You'll find if you make your binding cuts at an overlapping angle then it's much easier to create a tight fitting joint. If you're careful you could still get an almost invisible lapped joint, even if you have to insert a small piece.

FPerezRoig 04-09-2020 01:21 AM

I'm watching some tutorials and will try to sharpen the scraper as good as possible. Will practice in some unused binding material and make sure it works before using it on the guitar.

I'll try to carefully add a small piece of binding , cut at an overlapping angle. Sounds tricky, let's see if I can get it right. Thank you!!!

FPerezRoig 04-20-2020 11:57 AM


After some practice and sharpening the scraper I was able to get thin shavings out of it. They're so thin that they break into dust when handled, but I was able to start scraping the back bindings with success. Great!!!

Followed your suggestions, and cut the bindings at an overlapping angle. It was hard, and managed to get, while not completely invisible, a good enough fit.

Next I applied a coat of shellac and started binding the top. I learned my lesson after binding the back, and I'm very happy about how I glued the top bindings.
Have a look!!


The thing is, however, that CA glue ran under the binding tape, and removing it left some tape residue on the top, which I guess is a mix of tape glue and CA glue. I'd like to remove this residue before applying more CA glue on the parts of the top once covered with tape. How should I do that??? Scraping these zones and then applying glue again?


I'm really excited, my first guitar body is almost finished!!! Hope you like the binding design I chose.
Can't wait to further work on the neck.

Thank you.

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