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hatamoto 01-27-2021 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by Jonny0276 (Post 6612306)
Hi, Iím still a beginner and Iíve been using Guitar Tricks as my main learning resource. Itís very good up until the play along lessons where they have the video on one side of the screen showing the teacher play and the tablature on the other side which auto scrolls along with the song. As you can imagine it can be very hard to follow the teacher and tablature at the same time and is a clunky system to use.

This is especially annoying when trying to learn off a small tablet or phone.

So with that in mind, does anyone know of any lessons that have the tabs appear line by line within the video at the same time the teacher is playing them? Kind of like subtitles.

Only stipulation is nothing on YouTube as I find a software/app is better for tracking progress and keeping on course.


Do you have any particular songs and artist you like? What I found best when I first started is directly purchased the tabs straight from the artist. They usually have it in Guitar Pro format which allows you to play the tab as a sound file and it allows you to speed it up or slow it down real time. The app also has a built in metronome that you can turn on or off so you get the feel of the groove.

It might be hard to look for a subscription service that has the exact features you're looking for and usually the teacher would be playing at a certain tempo that some might find too hard or too easy to follow along. At least with Guitar Pro you can customize the speed that is doable for your level so it's smooth playing all the way.

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