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bsman 09-20-2021 04:37 PM

Strings can be changed?!?!? :eek:

Rudy4 09-20-2021 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by Acousticado (Post 6814102)
Stuff happens and I appreciate how. In my 46 years of playing, I’ve been lucky that I’ve never made a stringing mistake.

I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong. ;)

Horsehockey 09-20-2021 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Pdubs76 (Post 6814091)
I checked at GC. No such luck.

Consider John Pearce strings next time. I broke my low E on my first string change ever due to my incompetence. Uh….why is this tuner so hard to turn? POP! Duh. I had purchased that set of strings from John Pearce so I called them and the only thing they asked me was to confirm my address and told me they’d have the replacement out in tomorrow’s mail. When the mail came three days later, the package seemed a tad heavy to contain a single string. And that’s because it didn’t. It contained a replacement string plus a whole new set. Gratis. How is that for customer service?

Pura Vida 09-21-2021 06:12 PM

Could be worse. At least strings are easy enough to change. I haven't switched the E and A strings, but one time, I swapped the G and D strings. I didn't notice until I was tuning both strings up to tension (surprisingly, nothing snapped), but before I cut them, so I was able to unwind them and switch them into their proper positions.

Bushleague 09-21-2021 06:20 PM

I once watched a guy start a chainsaw with the brake on (good practice really), then forget about it and leave it warming up at a high idle untill the clutch burned out... compared to that a set of strings is pretty mild.

Shaneh 09-21-2021 06:36 PM

Similar but different, I was trying to clean the fretboard but didn’t want to change the strings since they were in good shape still, so loosened them up and removed from the bridge but not the headstock. I had never tried that before and when I when to restring I got the g string and the a string switched at the bridge and started tuning it up.

It took me a minute to figure out what was happening and fix it because the strings were right on the headstock

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