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HNS 01-12-2020 06:34 AM

Carbon fiber with Fishman Aura
I was wondering if anybody used a Fishman Aura with a CF guitar. I have an emerald X20 and was wondering if it works well?

It should, I guess!

Chipotle 01-12-2020 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by HNS (Post 6262829)
I was wondering if anybody used a Fishman Aura with a CF guitar. I have an emerald X20 and was wondering if it works well?

It should, I guess!

I have a Composite Acoustics GX with built-in Aura. It comes with 6 images made specifically for the GX, and sounds fantastic--very natural, and really eliminates the piezo quack.

But that means I can't tell you if the Aura pedal, which I imagine you're referring to, will have any images that work well with an X20 specifically. Fishman (at least used to) have a service where you could send them your guitar and they'd create images for you. Not sure if that's still available, and of course is a big commitment to ship your guitar!

jojobean39 01-12-2020 03:09 PM

Are you talking about the Aura pedal or a pickup with the Aura?

I have a McPherson Sable and I just picked up a Fishman Aura here recently (the footpedal Aura). It works alright. I havenít had a chance to really dial in some settings. But itís pretty good.

I own a Tone Dexter and thatís a better route, in my opinion. You can actually model YOUR specific guitar with it. Iíve not had the Aura long, so Iím not quite sure if that can be done easily on it. But with the TD, itís very simple.

SpruceTop 01-12-2020 03:28 PM

Fishman Aura works well with carbon fiber! I've had a Composite Acoustics Tim Stafford Signature with Onboard Aura, and I've used all versions of the Aura pedal, from the original Blender to the Spectrum with a few RainSong DR1000 dreadnoughts, and they all sounded much better with Aura than without!

GuitarLuva 01-13-2020 09:34 AM

I tested my X20 with an onboard ellipse aura before and it sounded really good even though the images weren't for that particular guitar. It sounds like you might be referring to the external aura pedal which I would bet would sound very good as well, at least better sounding than a UST on its own.

I agree with Jojobean39, I think Tonedexter would be a much better route for you to go.

MiG50 01-13-2020 10:21 AM

I know that the previous-generation Rainsongs with the Fishman preamp used the same under-saddle transducer that the Aura was built for, but there weren't many Rainsong images in the Aura catalog, last time I checked. But the Tonedexter might be another option worth considering, as the theoretical application is basically the same.

HNS 01-14-2020 12:55 PM

Thank you all

Yes, I mean the Aura floor pedal.

Chipotle: getting rid of that "quack" is what I'm after. I heard about that Fishman service, seems like a cool feature.

jojobean39: I'll check the Tonedexter, I never heard of it before, thanks !!!

SpruceTop, GuitarLuva, and MiG50: Thanks for the encouraging info. I'll check youtube for the dexter.

Thanks a million ...great comments

Matt McGriff 01-14-2020 06:51 PM

I had a Rainsong Dread that had the Fishman Prefix. Ran it through an Aura Sixteen pedal and it sounded great. Iím pretty sure it had a ďcompositeĒ model but that was probably an Ovation. But it worked well.

studioman001 01-15-2020 10:16 AM

I had a Martin and a baden with the on board Aura and it was pretty nice. Later I ended up buying a second hand Peavey era Composite Acoustics GXI with the Fishman Aura on board and holy crap! I recorded a backing track for someone direct into my interface and it really sounded like the guitar had a high quality condenser in front of it. It floored me! sadly the neck on that guitar was just too wide for me which was really depressing because it sounded so good both unplugged and plugged in. If I had the money, I'd order a X20 or X30 with the Aura just because I am so curious. I imagine it would bump up the price quite a bit to have one of those with the Emerald as opposed to the standard electronics package they include. (Which is not bad...but not great either in my opinion.)

HNS 01-15-2020 11:38 AM

I never used the Aura personally ..... it seems to be well regarded !

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