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bubbaprime 12-17-2018 05:58 PM

New THGCo Build: Quilted Maple & Sitka
I'm thrilled to be working with Joel Teel of Two-Hands Guitar Company on my next newest addition, a beautiful quilted Maple and silky Sitka Spruce Concert/000 size guitar.

This will be my third trip down the custom build road with my two earlier journeys under the guidance of the brilliant Stephen Sheriff, Edwinson Guitars. It was through Steve that I "met" Joel (even if not yet personally, face-to-face), and was quickly enamored and amazed at the fabulous work he produced with his first couple builds (Thing 1 and Thing 2). It was obvious that Joel has a gift. Conversations with Steve confirmed that Joel's guitars were not only visually built with precision beyond the skills of a first-time guitar builder, but they were equally or possibly even more sonically appealing. While I wasn't necessarily "looking" for a new guitar, I recognized I was definitely getting the itch after watching Joel's build threads.

As soon as I heard Joel was considering taking commissions, I reached out to him and started some preliminary conversations. It took a handful of email exchanges and I knew that I wanted to have him build my next guitar.

There were a few more email exchanges and Joel finally asked me what I was thinking about in terms of woods and style. Having owned a number of fabulous Maple guitars through the years, I had somehow emptied myself of all my Maple favorites, so I mentioned I'd like to add one back into my collection. Joel leaped at the suggestion and showed me some fabulous examples he had in his stash. So, for our opening of this thread, here are the woods we settled on.

We've progressed a little ways past the selection of woods, so I'll share some more in the next post.

TomB'sox 12-17-2018 06:08 PM

Fabulous on all accounts, THGC and the Maple. I am thrilled to be able to meet Joel at B.I.G. this spring. Sure wish you could come too!

bubbaprime 12-18-2018 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by TomB'sox (Post 5922027)
Fabulous on all accounts, THGC and the Maple. I am thrilled to be able to meet Joel at B.I.G. this spring. Sure wish you could come too!

Thanks Tom, The B.I.G. Bash is going to be Stellar I'm sure. If my circumstances change, this one is on my "To Do" list for sure!

Joel, is great to work with is sure to make a "big" splash in the luthier community. His grace and personality, coupled with his incredible skill and passion for his art will take him far, I'm sure. I'm fortunate and blessed to get this opportunity early in his build career.


bubbaprime 12-18-2018 07:46 AM

As I mentioned, we're pushing along with our build of this spectacular Maple/Sitka 000. Here is another series showing the back/sides being formed, kerfed, and soundhole being bound. While these photos are some of the earliest stages of the build, one thing can be noticed, Joel's meticulously clean and technically precise work. Attention to the most minute details pay off exponentially as the build progresses.

More to come soon! "She's looking maaahhvelous!

Merry Christmas!

nacluth 12-18-2018 08:05 AM

Looks great Jeff!

Nemoman 12-18-2018 09:03 AM

Looks awesome thus far--what a spectacular set of maple!

theEdwinson 12-18-2018 11:18 AM

Iíve got a ringside seat for this one! Itís been fun and inspiring to watch this Maple guitar coming together. I donít think Iíve ever known anyone who is more of a Natural at guitar making than Joel. He takes care and precision to the next level. I bet heíd have been a good brain surgeon, if fate had led him in that direction.
Today Joel is working on the rosette. Wait till you see that! Itís pretty amazing what heís coming up with. Heís routing out the channel in the soundboard right now, so the big reveal will probably happen soon. Stay tuned!

Guitars44me 12-18-2018 06:59 PM

This will be fun
Fun thread! I Always LOVE beautiful maple, and this has a bevel too. You will be glad you went for it.

Thanks for sharing


bubbaprime 12-19-2018 08:48 AM


Originally Posted by nacluth (Post 5922403)
Looks great Jeff!

Thanks Ryan!

I'm super-excited about the plans Joel and I worked through and to see it all coming together in ways better than my already good expectations. Joel has a remarkable eye and passion for building... it's a real joy to "watch" and participate from afar whenever you luthiers build, but when it's a guitar for "you" ...haha, well that amps it up a notch or two. :D

bubbaprime 12-19-2018 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by Nemoman (Post 5922459)
Looks awesome thus far--what a spectacular set of maple!

Thank you!

Right? That Maple is something indeed! I love beautiful Maple and really enjoy the tone of it (done right). I've longed to have a permanent member in my collection, so having a custom built to my specs seemed the reasonable way to go. I'm fortunate to be working with Joel on this build and enjoying the partnership of our collaboration in the process.

bubbaprime 12-19-2018 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by Guitars44me (Post 5922980)
Fun thread! I Always LOVE beautiful maple, and this has a bevel too. You will be glad you went for it.

Thanks for sharing


Thank you, Paul!

You're right about that comfort bevel. This is my third custom built guitar and all of them have this bevel! After experiencing the comfort that the first one brought to me and the length of time I could play without feeling impingement in my shoulder, there was no going back!

bubbaprime 12-19-2018 12:40 PM

THGCo Maple/Sitka Update
We're moving along and bringing our build thread up-to-date, so I wanted to post our next series in this project. These next images show the primary accent woods that will be featured in the binding, purfling, headstock, bevel, and rosette. The primary woods for the bindings are Ebony, Koa, and dyed-red purfling strips. Additionally, Katalox, Padouk, Maple, Koa and Lignum Vitae are the woods that will be featured in the rosette and possibly make an appearance elsewhere...the guitar build will dictate that I imagine as we progress. Below, we see how the back strip has been developed and a hint at what the quilted maple will look like under finish after a quick naphtha wipe.

And a couple close-ups of the back strip...

The next images show the back bracing under go-bars and a joining of the back and sides. This begins to escalate the excitement as the box is close to being formed and some of the accent elements begin to display more of the overall personality of this instrument as it continues the journey toward identity and ultimately finding its voice. Notice again how clean this work is. No splinters, no glue squeeze out, no errant scrapes or scratches... all meticulous attention to every detail every step along the way.

Next up, we'll share our rosette concept ideas and construction. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

theEdwinson 12-19-2018 01:25 PM

As Jeff has noted, this is exceptionally clean work. Working side by side with Joel for a year and a half now, Iíve never seen him take a shortcut. He spends just as much time making the interior details that no one will ever see, just as impeccably neat and clean as the outside of the guitar. He doesnít skimp on materials either. Notice how he used a gorgeous set of flamed Maple for the inner sides. And heís using Spanish Cedar for his shop-made linings for both high function and appearance.
Maybe a century from now, a future luthier will be restoring one of Joelís guitars, and he or she will see these hidden details and be humbled and amazed by that level of detail. Itís cool that everyone watching this thread can see that meticulous work as itís happening.

J.D.B. 12-19-2018 04:49 PM

The build is looking marvelous. I have seen the woods you have chosen in person during a few visits to Joel and Steve's shop and I know you will be very pleased when you get the guitar in your hands. I have had the opportunity to play both of Joel's builds (Things 1 & 2) and they sound great, so I am sure you will be pleased with your build.

I am also commissioning a guitar with Joel and I can see the back of my build hiding in the background of a couple of your pictures. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your build ( and mine).


TomB'sox 12-19-2018 06:29 PM

Joel, this is looking great, love maple and it's sound. Such great looking work on all the details.

I am pumped that you have accepted my invitation to display your work at the B.I.G. in March! I think you will be the breakout star of the event haha. I have a feeling you might cost me a little from my own bank, I am very weak!

When you can, I would love to see some pics of the B.I.G. builds when you have a chance to breath!

Love this maple guitar for Bubbaprime!

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