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THart 07-11-2021 09:45 AM

Resonator hung by the headstock
Just got my first metal bodied resonator. I often like to leave my guitars out on a stand and the stands I have are the type where the guitar hangs from the headstock. I never gave it a thought with my acoustics but, given the extra weight of the metal body (about 10 lbs) is this putting too much stress on the neck?

Mandobart 07-11-2021 10:21 AM

My guess is it's probably ok. I would contact the builder/mfr.

THart 07-11-2021 03:50 PM

I've been peppering them with questions lately I feel like but, you're right Mandobart. I sent a message. It's probably pretty sturdy. I know it has a bar that spans from the neck block to the tail. But I found a stand around the house that holds the body so that's where it'll reside for now. I'd forgotten I had that one.

Ceabeceabe 07-18-2021 03:18 PM

Here is an interesting article.

I was initially thinking I would not and do not hang the resophonic I have. But then I think the well respected shop I go to hangs them on the angled floor stands….

stokes1971 07-18-2021 04:04 PM

I had a National Reso-Rocket I hung on a wall hanger by the headstock, many years, no problems.

Neal 07-18-2021 05:12 PM

What? It’s fine. I realize my post will not carry much weight (:)), but there isn’t a guitar that is made that cannot hang by it’s headstock, barring crazy stuff from very imaginative luthiers. Or that lead guitar, but only for your wall or the Hercules stand’s sake.

But hey, you’ll fret (;)) about it until you hear from the maker, who undoubtedly will shake his/her head, show the letter to his/her coworkers, and then respectfully send you a letter saying it’s ok.

Ceabeceabe 07-18-2021 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Neal (Post 6767034)
What? It’s fine….

That is what the article I pointed to said, referencing the overriding string tension.

Neal 07-19-2021 04:58 AM


Originally Posted by Ceabeceabe (Post 6767220)
That is what the article I pointed to said, referencing the overriding string tension.

Ah, sorry didn’t read it. Glad it confirmed.

THart 07-19-2021 07:45 AM

Thanks for the reference article Ceabeceabe. Never having owned a guitar so heavy before that's good news. Haven't heard back from the maker yet.

Fathand 09-13-2021 08:59 AM

Thousands of people hang 10-12 pound Les Pauls from neck hangers, no real issues. A 14 pound banjo with a 1.125" wide neck is a different story.

The main problem with leaving a guitar in a stand ir hanging is falling. The repairman's largest source if income some say.

rllink 09-23-2021 12:04 PM

I went to a music store while I was road tripping last week and they had dozens and dozens of guitars on the walls hanging from the headstock, including resonators.

THart 09-24-2021 12:49 PM

I appreciate all the comments and I'm pretty convinced that hanging by the headstock is ok (never heard back from Mule though). We're both pretty comfortable with the floor model though so that's where it spends most of the time. Nothing wrong with that, right? Happy playing everybody!

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